Your Mental Health and Physical Health are Seamless

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Your physical health can affect your mental health and vice versa. To understand how that works, read this.

Your Mental Health and Physical Health are Seamless

Your mental health and your physical health are the ultimate circle of life. They exist within us in a seamless loop, and they’re both necessary components of a quality life. They affect each other in complex ways and often move up and down together; indeed, problems with our physical health can negatively impact our mental health—and vice versa. We can use the power of this seamless connection as a tool to overcome problems and challenges and live the life we want to live.

For evidence of the oneness of these components of our wellness, look to symptoms. Physical symptoms are part of nearly every mental illness. What’s going on in the mind affects the body. Likewise, what’s going on in the body affects the mind: physical symptoms, for example, can cause anxiety and worsen depression.

Viewing mental health and physical health as one, as simply our health, helps us make lasting, life-improving changes. Activities that boost both aspects of health include:

  • Nutritious eating
  • Proper hydration with water
  • Breathing deeply
  • Using relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, of doing a calming activity
  • Exercise, even light movement
  • Adequate sleep

This is just a partial list. The key is to treat your brain and body as one. Nurture them together to feel great mentally and physically.

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