Old Souls and Karma

All old souls are now doing accelerated Karmic settlement in this New Age. Our mission to integrate Spirituality into our interactions.

It is easy to feel Spiritual in relationship with nature.

It is relating to other humans that is messy.

That is because we learned how to do life and relationships in childhood. Through healing our childhood wounds we can learn to connect Spiritually and heal the planet.

"The term "old-soul" refers to the stage of consciousness evolution an individual has attained by this lifetime - it does not mean better than, or farther along than, those who do not have to do the healing. There is no hierarchy in the Truth of a Loving Great Spirit. Those who appear to have low, or no, consciousness in this lifetime are simply doing their healing in another space-time illusion parallel to this one. All old-souls are born at a heart-chakra level of consciousness and therefore have more sensitivity, and less capacity for denial, than other people. In other words, the gift of having access to Truth and Love carries with it the price of greatly increased emotional sensitivity."

(Column "Christ Consciousness" by Robert Burney)

"That is what this is all about! The second coming has begun! Not of "The Messiah," but of a whole bunch of messiahs. The messiah - the liberator - is within us! A liberating, Healing Transformational Movement has begun. "The Savior" does not exist outside of us - "The Savior" exists within.

We are the sons and daughters of God. We, the old souls, who are involved in this Healing Movement, are the second coming of the message of Love.

We have entered what certain Native American prophecies call the Dawning of the Fifth World of Peace. Through focusing on our own healing the planet will be healed.

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We all have available to us within a direct channel to the Highest Vibrational Frequency Range within The Illusion. That highest range involves consciousness of the Glory of ONENESS. It is called Cosmic Consciousness. It is called Christ Consciousness."

( The Dance of Wounded Souls by Robert Burney)

"We have all lived multiple lifetimes. We have all experienced every facet of being human. We are now not just healing our wounds from this lifetime, we are doing Karmic settlement on a massive scale, at a very accelerated rate.

Karma is the Loving, wonderful law of energy interaction which governs human interaction. Like the other levels of Universal Law, it is about cause and effect. In this case, "what you sow, you reap."

Karmic Law dictates that every action of cause on the Physical Plane is paid for with a consequence of effect on the Physical Plane. In other words, no one can end up in the hole, or in some hell in an afterlife. (Hell is here on earth, and we have all experienced it already.)

We who are doing this healing are about to graduate from the school of Karmic human experience. Any minute now . . . or any lifetime.

What graduation means is that we can be released from the Karmic merry-go-round, from the Karmic dance that was necessary because of polarization and "reversity." It does not mean that we will cease to exist; that would be a pretty hollow victory indeed.

What I believe it means is that when peace prevails, when the thousand years of peace begins, when a balanced, harmonious, Spiritually-aligned world evolves, then we can come back and play with all of our friends. With our Kindred Spirits and our Soul Mates, and in union with our Twin Soul."

"Of course, one of the reasons that I have the honor and privilege of carrying this Joyous message in this lifetime is because of my Karmic debts from other lifetimes.

Possibly one of the reasons that you are reading this is because I, personally, owe you a Karmic debt. Maybe I gouged out your eyes when I was a Roman legionnaire or a Viking or something, and now I am repaying that debt by helping you to see more clearly in this lifetime.

We will probably never know for sure and we probably do not have any need to know for sure. Past life information is available to us only on a need-to-know basis. In other words, only if it is directly connected to our healing process in this lifetime. Simple curiosity is not a good enough reason to allow us to access accurate past life information. (Of course we have our curiosity for a reason too.)

Everything happens for a reason - actually for reasons on multiple levels. We can never know all of the reasons. We have no need to know all of the reasons.

What we need to do is to remember that it is all perfect somehow, some way. We need to remember that to help us stop judging ourselves and the process.

As in the quote from Illusions, it is the depth of our belief in tragedy and injustice that is a measure of our Spiritual growth. "The depth of our belief" has to do with our perspective, with how much we are buying into the reversed attitudes and false beliefs, with how much power we are giving the illusions.

What I have found is that in many instances even though the levels that I can see, that I am conscious of, are mostly dysfunctional arising out of the false beliefs and fears of the disease of Codependence - on deeper levels there are "right on" reasons for behaviors for which I was judging myself.

. . . As another, more universal example, when I started to learn about Codependence, I used to really beat myself up because I found that I was still looking for "her," even though I had learned about some of the dysfunctional levels of that longing.

I had learned that as long as I thought that I needed someone else to make me happy and whole I was setting myself up to be a victim. I had learned that I was not a frog who needed a princess to kiss me in order to turn into a prince - that I am a prince already, and just need to learn to accept that state of Grace, that prince ness.

I had come to understand that those levels of my longing were dysfunctional and Codependent - and I judged and shamed myself because I could not let go of the longing for "her."

But as my awakening progressed I realized that there were "right on" reasons for that longing, for that "endless aching need" that I felt.

One of those "right on" levels was that the longing was a message concerning my very real need to attain some balance between the masculine and feminine energy within me - which begets dysfunctional behavior when it is projected, focused, outward as I had been taught to do in childhood.

And on a much deeper level I came to understand that I am - and have been, ever since polarization - looking for my twin soul.

As I become discerning I could learn to pick the baby out of the bathwater, that is, not judge and shame myself for longing for "her" - and throw out the dirty bath water, that is, not take action based on, or give power to, the dysfunctional belief that I am a frog who cannot be happy until I find my princess.

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By learning discernment we can begin to become conscious of the reasons that are dysfunctional and based on Codependent beliefs and fears (the dirty bathwater) so that we can change the way we react to those levels, can stop giving them power, and we can honor that there are "right on" levels by not shaming or judging ourselves (the baby) even if we are not sure what those reasons are.

I am talking about FAITH here.

The more we remember that everything is unfolding perfectly, the more we can have faith that there is a very good reason for even what appears to be the greatest tragedy, the most profound injustice.

We need to accept and honor - that is, not shame and judge ourselves for - not only our feelings and our past behaviors, our human needs and desires, but also our longings, our resistance, and our fears.

We have those longings for a reason. We have those fears and that resistance for a reason. The more we start remembering that "the Force is with us," the easier it becomes to accept and Love ourselves.

As was stated earlier, maybe the reason you have not done your grief work is that it has not been time yet - everything happens perfectly. Even our procrastination, and our denial, and our avoidance is a perfect part of our path.

We are being guided!

The more we remember that, the easier it is to stop buying into the grandiose, ego-self, arrogant, Codependent, power trip of believing that we have the incredible power to screw up the Great Spirit's Plan. We do not. We never did.

One of the reasons on a very deep level, at a soul/higher ego level, that we have resistance to doing our healing and owning our power is because of our past life experiences.

We have all been punished for owning our power in the past! Whether that was by being burned at the stake for being a healer, or drawn and quartered for being a teacher, or hanged for being a messenger, or whatever.

So we have very good reasons for not trusting God or this life business!

We also have very good reasons for not trusting ourselves because we have all abused the power in the past. We have had lifetimes when we were teachers who led our students astray, when we were healers or leaders or messengers who took the left-hand path and served the forces of darkness instead of Light.

We have very good reasons for being terrified of owning our power again!

Those are the reasons on the deepest level why we have resistance to the healing process; that is why some of us have needed the stick to get us to start awakening.

No matter what our personal stick is, whether it is Alcoholism or love addiction or overeating or whatever, it is the vehicle which has forced us to start awakening. It is the blessed gift that has started our awakening to consciousness of our path.

The conditions on the planet have changed! As long as the planet's energy field of Collective Human Emotional Consciousness was reversed, the process of growing towards the Light attracted the dark.

That is not going to happen this time. The planet's energy field of consciousness is now positively aligned with Truth. Growing towards the Light now attracts more Light.

In this age, we can own who we Truly are without feeling as if we are going to be punished for it.

Of course we never really were being punished - it just felt like it.

What we have been doing here in human body for all of these lifetimes is receiving the opportunity to experience every facet of the human experience. We have all been creators and destroyers. We have all been the oppressor and the oppressed. We have all been the perpetrator and the victim.

No one has ever done anything to us that we have not done to her/him in some way, at some time.

It is time to stop blaming others. It is time to stop blaming ourselves. We chose the paths we are on in order to do the healing and Karmic settlement that was necessary. We need to own and honor and release the feelings at the same time that we need to stop buying into the false beliefs."

"Doing that grieving is overwhelming terrifying and painful. It is also the gateway to Spiritual Awakening. It leads to empowerment, freedom, and inner peace. Releasing that grief energy allows us to start being able to be emotionally honest in the moment in an age-appropriate way. It is, in my understanding, the path that the Old Souls who are doing their healing in this Age of Healing and Joy need to travel to get clearer about their path and accomplish their mission in this lifetime."

(Column "Further Journeys to the Emotional Frontier Within" by Robert Burney)

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