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Welcome! At this site you will find a growing collection of essays on various topics in psychology. Two themes run through these pages. First and foremost is the importance of "voice." I suggest first reading Giving Your Child "Voice" : The 3 Rules of Parenting to see what "voice" is, how we acquire it, and how it serves us. Before moving on to the essays on "voicelessness," take the time to ask yourself two questions: Did I receive "voice" as a child? And if you have children: am I giving them "voice"? Spend some time thinking about the role "voice" has played in the lives of those closest to you.

The second theme concerns the multi-layers of human communication. If we want to understand our own personal histories, we must look at both text and subtext and become expert in reading between the lines. Such knowledge gives us the opportunity to change our futures and our children's futures.

Some of these essays fall outside the "relationships" category. Still, I hope you will find them enjoyable and thought provoking.

Finally, I've enjoyed the many thoughtful comments people have sent. I look forward to hearing your "voice."

About the author: Dr. Grossman is a clinical psychologist and author of the Voicelessness and Emotional Survival web site.



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