Blind Tasting

Blindfolds and food have always had their places in sexual games, and they're a great way to bring fun and eroticism into the bedroom. Blind tastings build intimacy between you and your partner, according to psychosexual therapist Paula Hall.


  • Before you begin, switch off the phone, lock the front door and make sure you won't be disturbed.
  • Find a big throw or sheet to cover the bed - things may get messy!
  • Get a blindfold or silky scarf long enough to tie around each other's eyes.

Go shopping

You can have whichever foods you like, but the wider the range the better. Think about the texture and smell of the foods, as well as the taste.

Here are some suggestions:

  • exotic fruits
  • yogurts
  • cheeses
  • anything from the deli counter
  • a range of crisps
  • different types of bread
  • sugary, syrupy, chocolate desserts

And don't forget to have some drinks to wash it all down - a choice of fruit waters, perhaps, or alcohol if you prefer.

Take it in turns

Blindfold your partner and gently caress the chosen food across their lips. Can they guess what it is by the texture? Can they describe how it feels and smells?

Slowly and tantalizingly, let them have a very small taste. Can they guess what it is now? If not, they may need a bigger bite.

Work your way through the foods, taking turns wearing the blindfold. Don't take it too seriously. Have a laugh, but don't be tempted to be cruel. Keep the chilies out of it!

Once you've finished, think about the following:

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