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This part of the site is for both teens and parents. Many in both groups feel uncomfortable talking about sex with each other. That makes it tough because teens really need their parents during this time in their lives and it's the parents who should be teaching and setting the example.

Since this is a psychology site about teenage sex issues, we'll be discussing how to talk to your kids about sex and, for you kids, how to talk to your parents about sex. We'll also cover how to know when you're ready for sex and the difference between sex and love; which, at a young age, can be really confusing.

You may also be wondering if thinking about same-sex sex, or even experimenting with it, makes you gay or lesbian. (clue: it doesn't!)

And what about date rape or acquaintance rape or being coerced into having sex (every girl gets this one: "Don't you love me?"). How can you handle these physically and emotionally difficult situations? Is it okay to just say "NO!" And is it okay to go out with a much older guy or girl when you're a teenager? Are you asking for more than you can handle?

Finally, I've added a little virginity, pregnancy prevention, and STD info into the mix.

Ready? Set. Go!

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