Natural Alternatives: Biometics, Calm Child

Biometics - (Water-Soluable Vitamins) - Natural Remedies for ADD / ADHD

Jane wrote to us about Biometics....
"My son is ADHD (diagnosd at age 5) and was taking Ritalin and Catapres for a year. They were not helping much. He had a loss of appetite, eye twitches, stomach aches, upset tummy and headaches. I found a brochure with information about water-soluable vitamins, got the information and ordered the products for 30 days (30 day money back guarantee for any reason). Within 2 weeks my son's progress was great. After being on the vitamins for one month, he was off his Ritalin and Catapres. I notified his doctor and also sent info to her office as well. He will be in 1st grade this year and he will be going to school without any Ritalin just his vitamins which are liquids and powders mixed in his favorite juice, Grape Kool-Aid. My husband also tested for ADD and tried multiple medications but had one reaction after another to the meds. He was advised by his doctor to discontinue his medications and since these vitamins were working to continue to take them.

The web site for these water-soluable vitamins is It is a great place of information about the company and the products and what they can do. They make no medical claims but I have testimonials from children and adults (who are either ADD or ADHD) and their success with these products.

I got in this home based business because the products were so great for my son and husband and to let others know that they do not have to go the route I did with the meds and still be in the same position down the road."

Calm Child

Sherrie writes:......

"I wanted to add a product to your listing. It is called Calm Child by Planetary Formulas. It comes in both a capsule and a liquid formula which was great as my 4 year old always tries to chew up pills. It is administered 2 to 3 times a day, but I found good results with doses, 6 hours apart.

My son is extremely afflicted with ADHD. I was unwilling to continue prescription drugs as they left him zombie like, or he wouldn't eat. A lot of prescription ADHD drugs are not really well documented in young children with the disorder as it is usually not diagnosed until school age.

It really worked well. He became almost a different child while taking it. You can mix it with any cold liquid (great for kids who will NOT take a pill) . The only thing I would recommend is that while taking this medication, avoid food which can cause diarrhea, as Licorice root, is a mild laxative. We forgot to give him is second dose once and the change was astounding!!!!


Victoria from Alabama writes:......

"I have 4 children. One of my boy's is ADD (with hyperactivity), he is 5years old. The other is 9, he is also ADD but without the hyperactivity. I give both of them "Calm Child" by Planetary and "Attentive Child"by Source Naturals. They are priced very reasonably on The 9 year old I give the max of the Attentive Child 1 to 2 times a day, especially before school along with 1 tablet of the Calm child -it says it also helps for focus. I think both are helpful natural medicines.

We have noticed the most change in the hyperactive 5 year old with the "Calm Child". It has been a life-saver, especially on long car trips. We usually give him 2-3 tabs of the Calm Child at least twice a day. We also have to look on the ingredients label of everything he eats. He goes nuts when he has any food coloring especially yellow-which seems to make him get too aggressive and also red. Although, for some reason blue doesn't bother him. We have to really watch those dyes, though. That along with taking the calm child make parenting our hyperactive child much easier and more pleasurable. The dyes seem to be in almost everything, most sliced cheeses, almost all boxed macaroni, many cereals, sodas, cake mixes, pudding, jello and lemonade drinks. He can never have candy unless it is from the Health Food Store. Also, caffeine in sodas and chocolate wig him out. We buy him carob covered almonds and raisins instead of chocolate, or white chocolate.

I feel sorry for him sometimes because it seems cruel not to let him have whatever the other kids at school are eating, but I know it's for his own good. Because when he does eat it he can't control his behavior, the he gets in trouble and of course punishment is no fun, then we are upset him and the whole family is disrupted because of a stupid piece of candy. So, I try to keep the end result in mind. It's just not worth the upset. I try to plan ahead if there will be a special treat at school, I will send something special that he can have. And I always tell every teacher, whether at school or church that he is "allergic" to these things. I believe the more medical term is that he has a "reaction" to these things. But teachers don't seem to understand the importance of watching out for these things unless you call it an "allergy". You say "he has these allergy's" and they will write it down and make sure he doesn't get those foods.

Hope this helps someone. It has been a long road with 2 ADD boys and I hope my experience will benefit you. If you see your child has these type reactions after eating something, write it down so you won't forget and get used to reading ingredients labels and have patience, patience, patience!


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