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  1. The Nature of the Mind
  2. Prosperity
  3. Faith and Inner Struggle
  4. Meditation: Seeking the Spiritual Connection
  5. Defining the Sense of Self
  6. The Concept of The NOW: Understanding the Power of the "Present"
  7. Meditation Course for "I Am the Heart"
  8. Right Understanding

The Nature of the Mind

by Adrian Newington © 1991

A discussion on the Human Mind to assist both beginners and those more experienced in the practice of Meditation.

Let us start out this dissertation with 3 statements.

  • Human consciousness has 2 fundamental aspects, which we shall discuss as the Small Self and the True Self.
  • The small self is the personal identification that the majority of people possess in determining who they are.
  • The true self is the lesser known in terms of our human perspective on life, but it actually the source of our being.

To assist in the understanding of these 3 statements, I will draw on some analogies.

The small self is the self that is Observed.

That is, I am Adrian
I am Adrian the Husband
I am Adrian the Dad
I am Adrian the Musician
I am Adrian the Technician
I am Adrian the Associate of other Technicians
I am Adrian the Project Manager

On and on the list goes on and on.

All these labels and qualifications heaped onto the small self to further expand the separation of the 2 Selves.

The true self is the self that Observes.

That is, the Self which is always apart from the small self and is the silent witness to all of the above.

These descriptions of the true and small selves can be more easily understood through a simple mental experiment based on some principles of meditation. It does not require any previous meditation experience.

Sit comfortably, relax and settle in. Start with the intention of stilling the Mind Inevitably you will experience thoughts come into your mind. This is OK.

Simply maintain the awareness that you are not to engage, expand upon, or be drawn into following through any thought. Once you are able to do this, still the mind again. Watch any thought that arises, but let them subside and drift away... don't be lured out of the task WITNESSING your thoughts.

Keep engaged in the process of being a witness to the activity of the Mind until you being to notice that your thoughts can indeed be observed.

Once you have had the geniune experience of your thoughts being witnessed or observed, we can end the experiment and continue the discussion.

And now for the Killer question...

Question: If it is possible to observe your thoughts, what is it that does the observing?

Answer: The True Self.

How can this be explained further?

Consider this: Your eyes, which are the means to vision, can never have a vision of themselves. If your eye is to have a vision of itself, it needs to look in a mirror.

Likewise if consciousness is to become self-aware, it needs a mirror... such a mirror is your Mind. Be aware that the "Mind" does not represent YOU... the Mind is merely an instrument of Perception. The identity of YOU being a unique aspect of creation holds its roots in the True Self.

Note: Defining consciousness does not imply self-awareness or the ability to perform mathematics or wonder "what shall I do today"?. We could say that a dog has consciousness (to a degree),... a microbe has consciousness (to a degree),... a tree has consciousness (to a degree), in that they are all able to have a degree of interaction with their environment. There is an awareness of local external conditions.

But self-aware consciousness is easily lured into the false reality that the reflection it sees of itself through the mirror-action of the Mind is the real thing. This is the experience of us all as we live out our everyday life. Even experienced meditators and other adept's of the study of consciousness (yoga), are still bound by some degree to the illusion that the small self is the real thing, but this does not imply that benefit and positive change are unattainable. Obviously, the Mind has proven itself to be enormously valuable in man's quest for the search for truth ranging from scientific and philosophical pursuits, our everyday endeavours, ambitions and dreams, and the exploration of consciousness with a view of knowing our true self.

To live fully and completely in the realms of the True Self, is to have attained a very very advanced state of spiritual attainment. This is known by various terms such as Samadhi, Nirvana, Full Enlightenment, Self-Realisation, Merging, Liberation to name a few.... But we do not necessarily have to attain such a perfected or elevated state to bring powerful transformation into our lives. (Note: in the states described above, one does not LOSE ones Mind, but rather the Mind, (the instrument of perception) merges with the True or Observing Self so that the illusion of these entities being separate comes to an end). Just as the space inside a jar merges with the space outside the jar when the jar is broken. The breaking of the jar represents the end to the sense which cultivates duality or separation...that is, the illusion that there is a separate small self and true self.

Keep in mind that when we talk about the analogy of the 'mirroring-action' of the Mind, this Mind-Mirror is not to be considered bright and shining and as clear and accurate as our bathroom mirror. This is because this 'Mind-Mirror' has been formed through and by every life experience we've had since the day we were born. As such, there are natural biases and distortions affecting our view of life and ourselves.

Consider the 'funny-mirrors' at the local 'fun park'. Through the mirror's gross imperfections and distortions, the funny image we see is far from an accurate representation of truth. Such a mirror can also be biased by its color. If the mirror had a red coloring, we will not see an accurate reflection of something green. However, if we were wearing something Red, that would be accurately portrayed. All other colors through the same mirror would be infiltrated with the bias of the mirror's coloring.

When you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror in the morning, you do not say... "Hey! Who are you?", as if 2 identities exist, but consciousness is much more subtle and there is difficulty in realising that the projected image of self out of the Mind is only a reflection.

The image we see in the bathroom mirror will not take on a life of its own, but the Mind-Image (small self), IS composed of consciousness, and will therefore take on living attributes as it accumulates identities brought about by participation inlife.

By possessing the knowledge of the True Self is to possess a lamp. Having such a lamp will illuminate the path before you to bring you guaranteed change into your life. If the path is walked with resolute intent, profound changes can be assured.

But let us now continue.

Through Meditation, we aim to dwell in the regions of the True Self. (even briefly gives a tremendous benefit). This gives us the experience we lack through participating in life from the viewpoint of the small self.... That is, by the continual identification that we are the Reflection that is seen in the mirror of the Mind.

The small self is where all our emotions, anxieties, dreams of finding fulfilment, hopes and fears all reside. Language and other forms of worldly expression also emanate through the Mind.... Which begs a question: If language emanates THROUGH the Mind, where is its source?

All language, all verbal communication originates as a concept. Such concepts are whole and complete, and are instantly understood by the individual. For example, This entire discourse is understood by me without the need for language, but I employ the Mind for the purpose of getting my message across to you. The original concept or idea was sourced from my True self, but I am employing the abilities of the Mind to exchange to you, the concept that LIVES within me.

You too have had many such experiences along these lines. Have you ever struggled to convey an idea to someone, but kept on getting stuck for words? You knew in your self EXACTLY what was within, but the difficulty was the EXPRESSION of your idea. The original idea or concept came from the true self. It is the small self empowered through the mind, which delivers the idea for external communication.

All creativity, inventiveness, unconditional love, sense of righteousness, self-fulfilment, fearlessness, all comes forth out of the abode of the True Self. Fear, which is born out of that which is not known, illusion, and the need for survival and protection of the physical body, are all products of the small self.

The true self is inherently peaceful, confident and always fulfilled. This is your link with the Divine.

By regularly going to the region of the true self through the basic techniques of meditation, we are able to remove ourselves from all the dramas, anxieties and concerns of the Mind's world. Even 5 minutes a day is good as it gives us the experience of true rest. This 'true rest' is obtained at a mental level, for when the mind is a rest, the body can also follow very easily and obtain benefit.

These analogies of the Mind-Mirror and its inherent biases and distortions, are not meant to de-value or claim that all things viewed through this instrument of perception are unreliable. Analogies are only meant to serve as building blocks or stepping stones for positive progress.

So now when you meditate, cultivate the awareness of staying in the silent realm of the True Self. This is that part of you that watches ALL THINGS in perfect peace.

Know also that...

The Mind is the source of emotions.
The True Self is never affected by the emotions.
The Mind co-ordinates worldly expression.
The True Self communicates in wordless silence.
The Mind is a repository of acquired knowledge.
The True Self is your source of wisdom.
The Mind is the source of passion.
The True Self is your source of Love.
The Mind perpetually hungers.
The True Self is self fulfilled.
The Mind will always struggle as it thinks that it is "itself" that does the meditating.
The True Self is Always Meditating.

Be Peaceful,

Faith & Inner Struggle

by Adrian Newington © 1991

FAITH: A form of knowing. A subtle, non-intellectual spiritual knowing of non-intellectual spiritual realities. Much more than a belief system.

Note the use of the word KNOWING as opposed to KNOWLEDGE. The word Knowledge implies an internal conceptualisation of authenticated experiences. That is, an experience becomes reduced to concepts and words, proven to be reliable and repeatable for all people in all situations. Knowledge then becomes sources or points of reference for us to function in the world. Many books are full of knowledge, facts and figures. Such knowledge can bring about resistance to counter our efforts in the development of faith.

People are knowledgeable about the skills they are proficient in, but Knowing is an experience detained in the present moment. It is consciousness being active and pregnant with awareness. Also, we can say that the word knowing implies a form of knowledge but without questions, associations or the requirement of validation. Thus, "knowing" is non-intellectual and devoid of qualification. This is fortunate, for the experience which brings about this 'knowing' is linked to spiritual realities which are essentially unable to be proven or validated by the usual human process. Normally, the process of validation of worldly experiences is done through the 5 human senses, but we are not equipped with a biological 'Sense' capable of evaluating the non-physical.

This is where we begin to enter the realm of the higher faculties of Mind related to our development in terms of Spiritual Consciousness. Intuition is often referred to as the ability to sense, perceive, or discern the subtle.

Spiritual realities are not able to be validated beyond the individual who experiences them, (though the spiritual maturity of another may allow an understanding of it). For example, I will never be able to prove to you my connection to God. I may be able to assist you in the personal search, but I cannot prove to you what is valid for me. I can't give you my personal knowledge or 'knowing' of my experience.

Consider this old saying...

For those who believe, no proof is necessary,

For those who do not believe, no proof is possible.

The human process of validation and authentication of experiences that lead to knowledge, pertains only to worldy realities. The purity and power of the personal experience will NEVER go beyond the individual. THIS IS WHERE WE NEED TO CULTIVATE A HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.


I hear you ask!

Just as any other discipline, our faith NEEDS to be cultivated and nurtured through practices which exercise and elevate our consciousness. For myself, the 3 most vital things were:



By regular prayer, I petitioned God for grace to flow to me in a bid to release me from worldy and mundane thinking. I sought the compassion that would help me to truly 'grow up'; for I saw true maturity as spiritual maturity.

Looking back over many years, I now consider my mind and the way I thought to have had no real depth, and as such, I would easily fall victim to the ways of the world. This is a good description of Spiritual Immaturity, and upon reflection I can see that it is most easily identified by a lack of discernment. (The use of the word Victim is not necessarily meant to describe circumstances abounding in suffering, but is used to highlight the effect of ignorance. Slavery and perhaps bondage to worldliness, might also be employed in describing the propensity of those who have no spiritual inclinations. Such bondage to worldliness can cause people to perceive either the world and/or people as difficult, hard, confusing, without compassion. There are many such variations when one's thinking only stays on a surface level)

Prayer should always be a personal and intimate communication. Just as one might engage in conversation with a trusted friend, so should you allow and sustain a sense of confidence that your words and thoughts are unequivocally heard, received and even contemplated. This will exercise and nurture a tender infant faith and bring it to maturity steeped in confidence.

Another strategy I used in developing my faith was to end each prayer with the words: "Thank you for listening to my prayer, for I know that you always listen to my prayer." These words of Jesus appear in the New Testament after He prayed to His Father, to raise Lazarus from the dead. My regular and unfailing repetition of these words eventually led to a breaking through of the intellectual thought processes which try to assert doubt of the reality of my prayers being heard.

The mental resistance we so often encounter when dealing with aspects of spirit, is simply the conditioned behavioral response brought about by years of HUMAN observation and rationalization. This is quite natural and 'important' for functioning in the world, but the mind must not be allowed to fully assert itself whilst you are putting effort into the development of Faith. There is a degree of surrender required. This is very important, since surrender requires faith. Therefore, surrender then leads to faith being exercised and strengthened (just like a body builder).

Do not fear in times of mental unrest. Remember to say to yourself if ever there is a struggle within: "What are my motives? Do they have a higher purpose? Is goodness and righteousness my goal? Indeed, what Father would abandon or ignore his very own child as it calls out to Him in tender love with courage. This can guard your best efforts through activating awareness.

In the present is where your power lies. Automatic or conditioned mental responses are old (perhaps invalid) links with the past. Such inner struggles are your accquired mental dispositions trying to assert themselves with the purpose of protecting you. This motive of protection is aimed at protecting you from:

  • PAIN (emotional)

Such reactions illustrate how your subconscious is at work considering the implications of your actions (ie: exercising faith and standing up to the assertions of the mind) and the consequences that might come back to you, through THE COMPARISONS OF YOUR PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES. This mental barrier can be formidable at times, so be Courageous!

Belief Systems indoctrinated into us at childhood also have an extremely significant impact in the struggle to develop a new adult spiritual maturity. In our childhood, we were simple and uncluttered, and by virtue of that youth, we were naturally without the benefit of many life experiences. In that era, the mental evaluative process of the adult was not present. Young minds allow and accept without objection, verbal teaching, instruction and other guidance. Sometimes that youthful guidance can cause conflict in later adult life as a newly accquired experience clashes with embedded and unchallenged indoctrination. Again, amid any conflicts, remember the motive of your new goal. Say: "I will become new through my Love and my courage. I am prepared to test the waters for the experiences that shall uplift my life.

One day, you will find this spiritually mature faith will bloom within. You will have entered an entirely different dimension from the way you live life both spiritually and worldly. When this bridge of the mind is crossed, a new horizon will reveal itself to bring you new roads to the spiritual journey. This faith will enable joy and confidence to naturally manifest, as the mind accepts the reality of Spirit as authentic.

We could now say that the mind has become purified if not at least elevated, and the journey of the spiritual aspirant is nothing but enhanced. But of course, there is no other path greater to knowing God than through Love, and recognition and sustenance of the sense of the Father to Child relationship. That is, God, as a loving Father with personality, and you as a Son or Daughter of whom this Father has nothing but admiration for His own children.

Please read the short discourses on Meditation and Contemplation as these also are vital allies in assisting you in developing a mighty faith.

Be Peaceful,


by Adrian Newington © 1991

In meditation, we go through a process of exercising and
cultivating a higher and clearer consciousness,
incorporating a technique called WITNESSING.

We do this so that we may obtain?

  1. A clearer understanding of oneself.
  2. An ability to perceive spiritual realities.
  3. An enhanced faith
  4. The authentic personal experience that goes beyond all instruction, teachings & philosophies.

A clearer understanding of oneself.

Through the use of concentration, the mind begins to be exercises in a way that gathers and focuses it energy. When done on a regular basis, it gathers to itself the mental energies and resources which serve to illuminate the mind. This illumination is the 'seeing' or 'perceiving' ability associated with an expanded awareness, and will serve to bring vital self understanding to the mediator. This self understanding is the key to personal empowerment. I have found that the self understanding obtained of myself, enables me to understand the world so very clearly. This has also allowed love and compassion to bloom as I see so many travel through and struggle with life as I have and do.

An ability to perceive spiritual realities. Primarily, we are talking about the ability to perceive and UNDERSTAND or COMPREHEND the deeper message of spiritual teachings and philosophies. So often, parables and teachings etc, are taken at their face or literal value. This can lead to incorrect interpretations of the essential message buried within the text. "Let those that have ears hear" is an often quoted phrase of Jesus. That particular message is directed at people with a sufficient foundation of intellectual and spiritually mature? This is very important for the person wishing to engage in contemplation. An enhanced faith As consciousness becomes illumined and elevated, spiritual realities become clearer as discernment becomes keener. The mental opposition that tends to undermine the best efforts of acting with faith begin to subside. The efforts of living with faith start to bear fruits of peace, contentment, and a sense of connectedness to God. Faith mainly leads to a sense of security and confidence in the reality of an intimate relationship with God.

The authentic personal experience that goes beyond all teachings. The experience sought from meditation is a revelation of self discovery or self recognition, bringing an ability to penetrate and understand the source of religion or philosophy. This recognition is in fact two-fold; the union between God and yourself, and a new and deep understanding of yourself through the gradual unfolding of self-knowledge. These experiences do not suddenly come upon you in some grand mystical experience, but rather, they are so sublime that one day you realize
you've become NEW, whilst also being aware that you have been so for some time. It's seems old and familiar, yet new and refreshing. For myself, I realized one day that my thinking and spiritual perceptions had become refined, but in looking back, I could not pin-point any particular date where I could have said 'I am new NOW!".

Having said that, I can now truly say that "I am definitely new NOW!" (Quite a delightful conundrum).

How to Meditate

Begin by choosing a time and place that is without distractions whilst assuming a comfortable posture. This can be in a chair or the crossed legged sitting position often associated with yoga, (the lotus position). The important point to consider is to allow and maintain breathing with minimum restrictions. This is done most effectively through a posture that keeps a straight back. All though meditation may be achieved by lying flat on the floor, gravity can act to introduce a certain amount of resistance to the natural breathing process. Also, there is a tendency for the individual to go into deep relaxation and sleep. It is not the aim of this meditation to cultivate relaxation or to reduce stress. Our aim is to develop and elevate the mind and spiritual consciousness. Awareness, (the opposite of sleep), is to be maintained at all times.


This single word is the essence of meditation.

Concentration is the greater part of meditation where the mediator enters a frame of mind whereby an attitude is assumed that all thoughts are to be watched or witnessed. That is, rather than entertain the thought and expand on it and follow it into another thought, it is 'watched' as if you are observing something external and apart from yourself.

Some Important points. Never is the meditator to attempt to control or stop the flow of thoughts. Never is the meditator to pursue feelings of frustration, disappointment or anger that will arise out of the perception of little or no progress. When such feelings arise, the witnessing mode that we are trying to assume MUST be quickly re-asserted. You must be WATCHFUL!

Consider also that the Mind of the individual who is new to meditation, will have had years and years of getting its own way. Mental discipline would therefore be a process that is alien to most people in this day and age. By implementing the mental discipline of meditation, one will require tenacity, endurance and the cultivation of a sense of 'important purpose' in an effort to overcome the mind's reluctance to this form of discipline. Meditation is concentration, and any concentration requires energy.

It is easily understood that your performance at work suffers when your concentration is hampered by tiredness or a lack of energy. This also applies to Meditation, because the act of Witnessing is concentration to a high degree. You are in fact, concentrating on be able to maintain concentration. This is demanding to the beginner, so be content in the understanding that even 5 minutes of meditation is valuable. The early stages of meditation require careful attention to what you are able to achieve comfortably. If you are determined to achieve success, be believing that no effort is wasted. This is the experience of all serious meditators down through the ages, myself included. Take heart in the words and experience of those who have gone before you. No effort is wasted.

You can't meditate effectively when you're tired or low in energy because the ability to concentrate is hindered. If this is the case, then use the time you have to cultivate being peaceful, or expressing yourself in intimate communication with God. (however briefly) The sense of connection to God WILL in time arise to the individual who is earnest and dedicated to this goal. Don't be misled into thinking that one day you might have a grand revelation in power and glory? the understanding of the experience you should aim for is the sense of a very subtle feeling that shall dispel doubt and uncertainties in regard to things such as? "Does God hear my prayers?" "God may exist but I'm to insignificant to matter." "I do the prescribed practices of my religion but I feel so dry and empty." "I've been told God is out there, but I cant see him." "I have faith in God but it's a struggle? I guess that's my blind faith." "Is God my Father?" "How much does God love me?"

So subtle is this connection, that you also need to cultivate being at peace with yourself and your world. To be able to see the bottom of the pond, you have to stop disturbing the surface of the water. In time, the struggle with accepting the reality of God in YOUR life shall come to an end. Upon the establishment of this connection, spiritual progress becomes accelerated as the most fundamental obstacle to spiritual development has been overcome. This is real faith made mature through the experience of 'inner knowledge', cultivated and nurtured through intelligent effort and dedication.

Daily Meditation as with any skill including meditation, it is important to be regular in your efforts at sitting for meditation. Naturally, you will only ever gain the expertise by actually doing it. The benefits of meditation will only ever be of limited value if you only practice it on-and-off. Always begin with some form of personal prayer for assistance in the cultivation of a higher consciousness and the intimate union with God.

Ask for this freely as a young child would come to a loving Parent and knows with confidence that the request has been heard. Indeed, who would deny any good if not noble request? especially when it is in the parents capacity to give.

Everybody has the same difficulty in the first few months of practicing meditation so it is important to follow the formula which has been found successful by meditators who are still progressing in the meditation practice after many years of experience: The following is a descriptive metaphor of an experience many, many
meditators including myself have had.

The experience of meditation to the beginner is likened to a Spinning Top. When the Top is spinning at its fastest, there appears to be a form of stillness born out of the furious activity of the motion of the Top. However, when the Top loses speed, it begins to wobble and it's apparent motion seems to increase? there seems to be more activity. This illustrates the behavior of the Mind through the application of meditation. The high speed motion of the Top is likened to the Mind of someone who does not meditate. Once the practice of meditation begins with its associated effect of reducing mental activity, the meditator will perceive this sense of more apparent motion or activity in the mind.

My own feeling was? "This meditation!!!? My mind is even more active than it was before I started meditating."

This description is virtually identical to thousands of other meditators who have walked this road before me. The experience can be off putting to the meditator since it can introduce a fair degree of anxiety. It is important to remember that it does not indicate any degree of unsuitability or failure in meditation. Quite the opposite is true. THIS IS A VERY POSITIVE INDICATOR OF YOUR PROGRESS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. HANG IN THERE. DON'T STOP NOW. YOUR MIND IS WINDING DOWN. HOORAY!

Please be encouraged at this point.

Initially you should meditate at least twice a day. Try to pick quiet times. Five minutes is very good for beginners. Extend it if you feel you have the capacity. In time, you will be able to meditate in any environment. I meditate on the train to work every day since my focus has become strong enough that external noises don't' bother or distract me any more. It will be the same for you one day if you persist.

Some other benefits of Meditation.

Practicing the ability to Witness, will flow on to an ability to stand back and be more objective. Emotionally, you will find you can step back from potentially anxious situations and respond with clarity and poise, as opposed to the state of mind of an emotionally distraught person. Meditation gives you the ability to detach.

Meditation can also expand creative abilities as your perceptive powers become keener or deeper.

Be Peaceful,


by Adrian Newington © 1991

Bringing prosperity into your life can be viewed as a matter of putting or getting yourself into a river or stream or channel of abundance and prosperity.

This flow or channel of prosperity is in fact a spiritual river of life. This 'life' is associated with the infinite creative potential of the universe... not to be considered inert or inanimate, but a living force with intelligence, not affectively describable in human terms concepts and/or perceptions.

The spirit of life, is the spirit of life which "creates". This creative potential in affect has unlimited resources at its disposal. Not only is it awesome through its wondrous potential, it also has attributes of love and compassion as it longs to deliver enrichment and fulfillment (spiritual & mundane) to the sentient beings of the cosmos. It is indeed co-operative with the good and noble thoughts and aspirations of those that seek to participate in life as fully as possible. The goal to attain success whilst utilizing the path of daily duties and honest labour, can always be enhanced by employing the spiritual principles of abundance and prosperity.

Intention and Faith

As with many aspects of spiritual attainment's and advancements, INTENTION is a keyword which should describe a strong will, motivation or inner force in wanting to attain a desired outcome.

Intention also has meaning mirrored in the words 'Will' and 'Motivation'. The power necessary to bring a goal to fruition is amplified by the merit of that which we seek.

Things you "truly need" will inherently have more power to sustain and drive you, as it is common for events to become drawn out and sometimes painfully protracted. Lengthy delays amid uncertainties can sap ones inner strength. Although there is much required of the individual desiring to create prosperity, the faith required to sit back and let the infinite creative potential do its part for the welfare of your life can be easily shaken. Thus, we will continue to empower ourselves by identifying our needs and successfully employing the principals of accessing the channels of prosperity.

Each time we are successful, (no matter how grand or humble the goal), the benefit of each experience will nurture our tenacity and make us more resolute. There will be solidarity amid the times of difficulty, trial, and doubt.

It should be noted that our "wants" as opposed to our needs, will be more vulnerable to unsuccessful manifestation, since they may not be properly aligned or identified with the path our lives are taking. If we think in any small way that we might be able to do without these 'wants', then herein lies the way for lethargy and inertia to creep in and overcome the goal. A such, much more energy is required for the power of prosperity to deliver our 'wants'.

If you often find conflict associated in the identification of your wants and needs, then it is most probable that your life's direction has not been properly realised, understood or identified.

Although the action of prosperity may be likened to the flowing of a river, the participation by an individual in the principles of prosperity is not to be likened to someone in a boat moving along by the power of that river alone... that is, no self-effort.

In continuing to define the analogy of an individual's participation, it would be better to describe the merging of the river with the individual... that is, a unity of forces.

The unity of the individuals creative effort along side the infinite creative potential of 'Life', allows for a partnership and exchange of energies. The inflowing prosperity into the individuals life is transformed and re-created by an outpouring of prosperity as the individual practices "Selfless Giving".

This exchange allows for the infinite creative force to renew and re-manifest itself as prosperity once again but in a different form. The recipient of the act of selfless giving by the first individual, is seeing something new and wonderful... (not as a second-hand or even a third-hand gesture as might be seen by over-viewing the process as described by this textual illustration).

Right Understanding

by Adrian Newington © 1991

Right Understanding! This is what suddenly uplifts or empowers an individual in an instant.

With Right Understanding, shadows vanish instantly in the illuminated presence of truthful insights.
Right Understanding is a deliverer of the bondage born of ignorance.
Right Understanding is a personal revelation where clarity demystifies the painful ways of the human condition.

'Osmosis' is a good metaphor for the experience of Right Understanding. When this eventually happens, osmosis, or the merging of the intellect and the Self, accurately illustrates this experience of revelation.

Often, I could be said...
"I become more-and-more confused, the more I learn."

Witness all these experiences to rise above these things such as confusion. Witnessing needs to be extended into everyday life activities, and should not be reserved for the formal periods of Meditation. To say I am confused, is to say "I am confusion!" It is TO OWN IT, and identify with it. But to witness confusion, is to rise above confusion to a space of clarity. Just like one who is caught in a fog, that person can also rise above the fog and see clearly far and beyond. Being adept at Witnessing, will allow your consciousness to stay above the fog of Human Emotions.

The Mind, which develops its skill through building a reference library from a lifetime of experiences and perceptions, shall often encounter obstacles to understanding spiritual principles, since it has nothing to draw from out of its library of reference material. This entire pool of material is essentially filed under the category of "Mundane Human Experience". This is where confusion stems from, as the Mind tries to scrutinise and rationalise information or knowledge that is missing a point of reference.

What is UP if you don't know DOWN? What is SWEET if you've never tasted BITTER?

But when there is Right Understanding, there your confusion will disappear. Not only will it disappear, but you will feel a beautiful and peaceful exhilaration as the source of your pain is removed. The ignorance which binds you in cyclic tendencies, melts away as you suddenly UNDERSTAND.

After all this--What IS our confusion when compared to TRUTH? In the moment of revelation, confusion vanishes because it never really existed in the first place.

You say you have a shadow, but a shadow does not exist. It's just an absence of light in one particular area. It's Negative Space and does not exist. Confusion is the same, and to possess right understanding is to acknowledge the light and not the darkness. Witnessing is forcing the Mind into a higher consciousness, thereby developing and nurturing spiritual insight and vision; for this is where your true power resides.

All the many spiritual philosophies eventually lead us to the understanding or revelatory experience that we are all "already Whole," that we are all "Divine," that we are the mysterious source and goal of our yearnings.

Be Peaceful,

Defining The Sense of Self

by Adrian Newington © 1991

Understanding the ways in which personal identity forms, and the influence it exerts on our lives by Adrian Newington

What is The Self?
What Influences and Shapes the Sense of Self?
The Levels Making Up the Psyche

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual



"Who am I?"
"Why am I me ?"
"Why aren't I that other person?"

These questions I would often ponder as a young child, but would dismiss them as silly, un-answerable and definitely not as much fun as fishing for crabs at the local jetty.

Now that I look back with an adult and refined spiritual viewpoint, I can see that those questions were indeed quite profound for a little boy. From this reflection, I make no claim or desire to call myself an enlightened master or such? it is simply an acknowledgment that such questions can only come from a pure space. That space being a ?spiritual space? and is common in uncomplicated childhood.

Such questions are fundamental philosophical inquiries, which have been asked time and time again by countless individuals, all expressing the strange need to find an answer to the seemingly unanswerable mysteries of life.

Having now developed a spiritual and philosophical approach to living my life, I can see that my efforts have returned me to that childhood space, but with an ability to see that those questions are not silly by any means. In fact, the pursuit of these sorts of answers does indeed have great purpose.

It is my belief that to ask, "Who Am I?", would have to be one of the most profound questions a person could ask, and carrying great merit. The merit lies in the potential for an individual to raise their consciousness above mundane levels thereby allowing a new spiritual maturity to unfold.

What is The Self?

"The self" is a term meant to describe the essential or true identity of a person. But what is further identified as the "True-Self" is generally not the self or identity that is revealed to the world in everyday life. Often, the person we see is hidden by the many masks we wear as we interact among people in our daily lives. Through this, we see an illusive or superficial image of people. Even if we think we know someone quite well, there are still aspects of one's true identity that is not known to us.

In fact, a person's "True Self" can even be hidden from themselves leaving the individual caught in an illusive view of themselves and the world. Unfortunately, this is more common than we'd like to believe. This is where the attainment of the permanent experience of the "True Self" is so valuable. The love that emanates from the enlivened true self is a love full of compassion and only wants to give so that all others can live the experience that it has.

What Influences and Shapes the Sense of Self?

Through the various stages of a persons human ? social ? spiritual development, the sense of WHO a person is (that is? the inner identification where self-fulfilment, and the recognition of self worth emanate from), should progress to new meanings as the individual experiences life more completely. I purposefully use the word "should" to indicate that many people do not necessarily progress to a more refined view of their existence beyond a basic sense of self identification aligned with the physical or mental levels.

Levels of Being=> Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual
The various relationships amid Body, Mind & Spirit which help define or qualify the Sense of Self I know I Am

Because of my body

I know I Am

Because I think I Am

I know I Am

Because of my feelings

I Am


My body verifies my existence My thoughts verify my existence My feelings verify my existence I exist without a need for validation
I exist because of my physical presence I exist because my thoughts tell me I exist I exist because I can feel my presence I alone exist
My experience in physical life proves my existence My experience in mental abilities and achievements proves my existence My emotional experiences from interaction with people proves my existence. I experience myself through myself alone
Sources of Fulfilment Physical associations bring me fulfilment Intellectual associations bring me fulfilment Emotional associations bring me fulfilment Self fulfilment is inherent

Table 1: Exploring the Sense of Self.

From the table above, we can examine each level of being and see how the human psyche matures in life. Each level of existence re-defines and matures the sense of self through relative experiences, associations, comparisons and other qualifications. This can all serve us by ultimately allowing a revelation, that one day we can cast aside the need for external qualifications and rest in the knowledge that we exist because we exist. Such an attitude is devoid of comparisons and analogies, since we can then see ourselves as forever being complete. Our true self is a spiritual being and to paraphrase: "We are spiritual beings on physical journey."

The Levels Making Up the Psyche

1. Physical

In various stages of life, a person can derive a sense of personal power as well as feelings of fulfilment and competency from positive physical achievements like sports and athletics. On the other hand, a negative use of physical attributes like "bullying" may also bring about a sense of personal power or self. However, to continue the use and cultivation of one's personal power in this way will lead to problems, as one day such a person may encounter someone stronger and more assertive. Here the person's personal power or sense of self would be taken away. Achievements like sports and athletics are healthy and positive in defining a sense of self, but they too must be considered vulnerable, as to fall into ill health or injury could rob a person of the source of their sense of self.

2. Mental

Once again, in various stages of life a person can derive a sense of personal power and feelings of fulfillment and competency from successful use of logic and intelligence. But mental abilities can fade, or people with grander capacities can be encountered possibly leading to feelings of inadequacy. Such a situation could also take away personal power, or sense of self.

3. Emotional

Further to this, the experience of love and more importantly un-conditional love, brings a degree of release to the "sense of self," derived from the physical and mental experience linked to external dependence.

From the experience of true or un-conditional love, the need for external validation from physical attributes greatly dissipates. However, a person can still derive a sense of self from the experience of being loved by another. This, too, is vulnerable should the love or other emotional support of others not be forthcoming anymore.

To have lifted ones sense of self through the experiences at the emotional level is an important stepping stone into the next level of "True Self" identification.

4. Spiritual

Here the sense of self is allowed to bloom or unfold and be known as it truly is. Such a degree of self-knowledge is attained through the nurturing of spiritual philosophies, principles and practices, along with tolerance and self-love.

Upon attaining such a sense of self, the recognition of all personal power and fulfilment as coming from within liberates one from the limitations of worldliness, and the interpretation of a world that is harsh and lacking compassion. It allows the establishment of a viewpoint that defines the world as neutral, and that previous methods of judging the world have all been based on inner perceptions based on individual experience.

"Perceptions are not knowledge", is the new catch-cry for the enlightened.

The True self does not need or require:

  • Rationalisation
  • Justification
  • Belief systems

...and even to say the phrase: "your True Self," is incorrect because it implies that the True Self belongs to, or is tied to the small self. The small self is an illusion? an imitation of the real thing. To finally come to know and experience the true self is to forever cast aside the pale imitation of the identity you thought was you.

Living in the experience of the true self will allow the natural attributes of the true self to emerge into daily life. These are:


Vision The ability to see deeply and with wisdom
Clarity, that comes from vision The mind enhanced by its own stillness
Peace, that comes from clarity The experience born of stillness
Confidence, that comes from peace. Through lack of confusion
Courage, that comes from confidence Through being armed with truth
and finally, that which is independent of all - -LOVE Without condition, without need, withoutexpectation, but full of its want to share.

This love is a love that can only give since it is never lacking and its cup is always full.



...and until you can claim the experience as your own,
your mind's judging potential must be placed aside whilst the
higher mind guides you to Love to sooth all other loves.

Be Peaceful,

The Concept of "THE NOW"

by Adrian Newington © 1991

Of all the profound concepts of awareness philosophy I have learnt, the one I continually keep on referring to, the one that is so simple in nature, is the one that seems to have it's beauty and value hidden by its own simplicity.

It is knowing that YOU, along with your reality, exist for just that instant we call the present.

When that instant ceases to exist, a new instant will then come into being. It is knowing that the past is only a shadow of what was. It is knowing that the future is but a dream, it is the unborn child.

In one respect, we could say that our lives are part of an infinite series of Instant Moments, and when they are all strung together, it is then given a name. That name is time.

When the instant ceases to be the instant, it is called the past. The instants that are to come are labelled the future, but the past and future do not exist; they are an illusion and all that REALLY EXISTS is the present.

All that really matters is "THE NOW".

To understand the value of the Present when trying to obtain relief from sorrow, you must appreciate the link between the truth of the moment that you live in right now, and the illusion that there might be something good for your peace hiding in a mist of shadows and nothingness.

The reflections of clouds on a still pond are not clouds.
Though they have beauty;if you were to reach out and touch them,
you would disturb the stillness of the water
and lose the peace and beauty you once had.
The only reality was the water.
The clouds you sought were an illusion; just an image.

This link between the present and the past can now be seen as some form of goodness, pleasure or beauty, and when you reach out to be with those qualities, you touch an illusion. From this... sorrow is then born

If we go through a painful experience, we tend to go through many and varied "If Only" scenarios.

"If only it had happened this way, I wouldn't have this pain".
"If only I had done this then, I'd be happier now".
"If only I had this yesterday, I'd have so much more of that tomorrow".

Among the many whirlwinds within the mind, there are two important areas of concern that you should understand are capable of manifesting pain. They are, a regret of what was, and a regret of what wasn't. I may have become aware of an opportunity that would have been good for me, but through fear, I could choose to remove myself from it. On the other hand, it may have been removed from me against my desire. In another example, I could come to the understanding that something I sought after and experienced has left me feeling shaken and miserable. In each case, I am open to experience pain if I choose to re-live the situation, or dream of how else it could've been.

To maintain...
"If only I HAD done this", to invent a past that never was and attempt to live in it. Realities that once were can be bad enough, but to conjure up a past that never was, is to inflict nothing less than torment upon yourself.

To say...
"If only I HAD NEVER done this", to deny the reality of a choice.

Through the acceptance of a choice that has brought pain, one can then appreciate that what was understood as truth, is just a reflection of what was, and all that is important is your peace in "THE NOW".

After my marriage broke up, a dear friend wrote to me and said in her letter:
"When the energies go back and forth between the past and the future, the healing process is delayed".

At the time, the effect was subtle, and my understanding of it was vague. Since my sorrow was not at its peak, the doors of meaning were not fully open, but planted within me was a seed that was being nurtured by the passage of time.

Slightly more than a year later, my life took another completely unexpected turn. A chance of happiness and friendship vanished with frightening brevity, and its effect was even more devastating than the first. With delayed grief and compounded sorrows, I found myself lost in an ocean of loneliness as the ground was literally washed from beneath me.

This was when I truly began my journey to find peace and restoration and it was to lead me down a road that never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would travel.

Upon coming out of the event that had brought significant changes to my life, I found myself floundering in a new state of emptiness and insecurity. I would desperately try and find something to hang onto that would restore me to a former state of existence. My first natural reactions were to review my past and wonder where I went wrong. I would wonder what alternatives of living could have prevented my new circumstance. In looking backwards or forwards in time, I would PROJECT my thoughts out of the reality of the present and try to become a part of an illusion.

This very normal practice is called upon many times everyday of our lives. To refresh our memory after an absence of concentration is to project. To recall what we wore yesterday so we can wear clean clothes today is to project. To be able to understand this chapter, you will have to project so that your feelings can be compared in order to find understanding and meaning.

Whenever we are happy and we look at a photograph of happy times, this projection or dwelling of a past event, re-enforces our existing happiness. Likewise, if we are sad and we dwell on the events that have brought us pain, then our sorrow also shall be re-enforced or amplified.

I have found a simple source of Peace from the belief that in the present moment, I have everything that I need for that moment. This long time belief of mine has now been validated for me through the freedom I have obtained from adapting this philosophy when I most needed it. In trying times, such thinking is difficult to maintain, but for me, somehow this unshakeable belief would always be there for me when all else made no sense. When there is a need for a major adjustment to your life and you are experiencing deep emotions such as Grief, Anxiety, or Brokenness, within the pain of the moment you would think that such thinking would be the last thing you need. But if you yearn for someone or something that gave you Love or pleasure, then the situation that arose to remove those things from your life came about through circumstances that needed attention and a necessity to be resolved. Even when you experience the depths of grief and loneliness, the pain of a broken heart, or any other emotion which seizes upon you, such intensity is serving your personal development through the enforced activation of awareness to Yourself, your situation, and your Truth.

I can now see the separation from someone who was once dear to me as a need. At the time, I could not see this since my desires were not being fulfilled. Poets and Lovers say within their bitter sweet laments that ...

"You took a part of me when you left".

Within such words lies a subtle truth. When we are without peace, it may be said that we fragmented. And when we yearn for a part of our life that no longer exists, there is truly a part of us that is still attached to that aspect of the past. Indeed, the phrase "part of me", that the poets write about, is, in fact, essentially somewhere else. Ironically, when we can truly let go of the object of our yearning, that "part of us" can then come back to unite us with ourselves and allow us to feel at Peace once again. We are then WHOLE once again.

Again, in retrospect, since there was a particular aspect of my life that was not serving my ongoing need for Love and comfort, something had to happen in my life that could enable me to live the sort of life I have always wanted. In short, I had something to LEARN. When I felt pain in the separation, it was because I was associating with an illusion. I was not in the present. I was somewhere else.

Within such circumstances, knowledge can be a saviour that will help us regain our peace. This knowledge has it's roots in the word CHOICES. We do not need to be a slave to suffering, and we need not be at the mercy of lingering emotions. We can choose to stay within our sorrows, or we can choose to acknowledge the past as that which cannot serve us anymore. Here, we can also choose to call on courage and begin a new start to life and a new self-respect.

To have experienced hurt whilst being kind to someone may prompt us to project to the past, to live out an old happiness, but soon agitation then develops in the search for reasons and answers. Those answers are never there. It's like trying to converse with the images we see on a television. Your answers are buried beneath your sorrow in a very serene place, and only in the stillness of "THE NOW" is when they can be revealed to you.

Take time out to be silent and go within. Lay aside your dramas and begin a process of contemplation of past actions. Identify areas in your life that are repetitive in nature and the problems they bring you. Deep within you are the answers that can change your life.

Not only must you be willing to seek them, but you must also be willing to employ them. Contemplation is an ongoing process and the benefits are enormous.

Many times for myself, no matter how hard I tried, I was drawn to my sorrows in an almost irresistible and magnetic way. I just couldn't seem to put them down, no matter how bad they made me feel. I had no concentration and many times I was just unavailable to my work, my family, my friends and many other things that were important. The days seemed never-ending and my sleep would be broken from the recalling of memories that refused to leave me alone.

During that period, there was a tremendous source of energy within that needed to be released, and as difficult as it was, it had to be expressed. This was the unavoidable time of my grieving process and it had to take its full path. When we are in this situation, all we can do is be kind to ourself as we experience our suffering. We can even comfort ourselves by wishing for Peace. For myself, I would say: "Peace to Me. Things Will get better".

When sorrows eventually peak, it is then time to activate awareness philosophy. Understand the value of "THE NOW"; understand what it is you are searching for as you project and ask yourself...

"Will I really find what I am looking for in the past ?"

be daring enough to ask yourself:

"Are my answers already contained within me ?"
"Am I willing to search deeply for my Truth ?"

Remember that your pain is brought about by association with the past and an isolation from the truth. The beasts of the Animal kingdom who live perfectly in "THE NOW" do not know of suffering from a yearning heart, since they do not have the ability to make a comparison of past events as we do. Our pain is relativ,e since we compare what is against what was or what we would like to be. In the present moment, there is no association, there is only existence. So when we stop associating, we stop the pain.

Obviously, because of our humanity, a person would need to attain great Skill, Knowledge, Discipline and Love to live Perfectly in the present, and until we come to live permanently in such a state, we will always be prone to experience the burden of pain and its seemingly never-ending quality. However, through knowledge that de-mystifies human behaviour, we can give ourselves a chance to resolve grief in a much more effective way than we could have if we were to lack such knowledge.

I have learnt to live my life as a continuing series of packets of time. Since through my humanness, I cannot live PERFECTLY in the moment, I have to live in time. Therefore, I choose to live with a limited past and a limited future. Some people manage to live a day at a time, and if your lifestyle can support it, that's good. For myself, and at the time of writing this book, my lifestyle concerned itself with about a week. A week for me was good. I have commitments and obligations and it works well for me.

Staying in "THE NOW" also helps to drop the emotional baggage that we cart around with us. By giving yourself the opportunity to experience the peace of the present, you will find yourself being able to gently release futile feelings, the likes of blame and guilt. To do this, will then allow insights of understanding to filter into your mind to dissolve hurt, anxiety, and other crippling emotions which stop you from acting on your truest feelings.

In regard to projection outside the topic of sorrow, I offer this story to provide a balance to the concept of "THE NOW". The wife of a friend of mine was under threat of losing her job through staff cuts in hard financial times. After reviews and recommendations, the outcome would eventually be known with some inevitable casualties. After the staff assessments, my friend came to tell me how his wife had been fortunate in keeping her job; however, his face still showed concern. I asked him why and he replied somberly that "her job was only safe for a year." Even though the past few days had given him good reason to be concerned, he still managed to remove himself from being in a happy state from his wife's good news. He immediately projected without awareness a whole year ahead. He had leapt over 365 days of security to be with the pain of a retrenchment that might never eventuate. There was no awareness that his behaviour was normal, justified, or otherwise. There was simply no awareness. His actions were sympathetic of his thinking, his thinking was guided by his Ego, and his choice brought him pain.

Once again, by looking at Ego-thinking based on fear, it wanted him not to bear any pain of the job loss, so it projected him to the future in an attempt to find answers to a non-existent problem. It found none and brought him back with a burden.

The problem lies when we project without limitation, but what is even more devastating is to project without awareness. When we project and don't realise it, when we live in dream world, we are missing the healing peace of the present. To dream "If only" thoughts are a waste of energy since your thinking will not change the past. Similarly, when we worry over an event that we know is to come upon us, we tend to circulate the event around-and-around inside our minds without producing any positive output. We draw no conclusions and we make no plans. We end up waiting for the arrival of pain (which very often never eventuates), as we dwell on how we are going to cope. We, in effect, bring extra pain upon ourselves through our own choice of behaviour.

How painful it would be to know what our future is. The past is bad enough as it lasciviously tries to keep the hurt alive through a constant restaging of the original drama.

Sometimes, we have an option to be involved in a future event, but in the present moment, we may feel down in spirits or emotionally not available for whatever reason. It is here that a chance becomes available for the feelings you have in the present, to be projected into the future. To say...

"I'm feeling tired and rundown lately and
the thought of that trip to the country
next week doesn't appeal to me at all. I'll cancel." to project low feelings into the future, and presume that you would still be feeling this way when the event comes around. If you don't have to make a decision in the present moment, forget about it entirely. Living in "THE NOW", is reality. If your miserable, then acknowledge your feelings. It's O.K. to feel what comes from within regardless of the emotion. Stay with the truth of the emotion and don't attempt to rationalise or validate yourself or your feelings.

Simply experience what you feel and let it go after it has passed. Don't burden yourself with thoughts such as:

"I should be feeling this..." or "I shouldn't be feeling this..."

It's simply you expressing what is true and valid for you, and you know of your commitment to goodness.

Children are masters of "THE NOW", and children are masters of unconditional Love. Since a child has its needs fully catered to, it does not concern itself with distant future, or past events. They are able to freely express their desires and wants without limitations or restrictions. They are naturally Loving, and they seek and respond without reserve to the Love given to them by those in their care. They consider nothing about the next meal or whether there is enough food in the cupboard, and they are oblivious to the effort behind the care put in for their well-being. They simply sense a need, express it, and find themselves catered to. A child not having to fend for itself stays perfectly content in the present moment. As far as children are concerned, meals just happen, toys have always been in their room, and there is always a soft and cozy bed to sleep in.

As we leave childhood and pass through all the various stages that take us into adult life, the influences of people and events envelop us as we journey through life. To quote that much used cliche', "The Innocence of Childhood" is lost. We grow up and experience the world. We come across disappointment and hardship, and we find there are times we have to take a back seat. People can let us down, and we build up a library of memories and feelings linked to experiences.

When profound circumstances in our Adult life make us stop and evaluate where we are going, (usually an event that demands change), we then have the potential to rediscover the gems of childhood which have always been within us. Through this discovery, we can then have the best of both worlds. It is, in fact, when we are reborn through the fire of our pain and find that there is much more to life than we could have ever imagined. Through a new Love, it is possible to see our link in Spirit. This, when a person is born again of an awakened spirit; discovering the link of Love and Life, and the true connection with life and what it has to offer. All this can come about if we unite ourselves with the wisdom of Adulthood and the Love of a Child.

To live with ongoing peace after understanding the concept of "THE NOW" will bring great freedom. Start to nurture this state by letting things unfold without your anxious yearnings and worrisome concerns. Deal with problems when its time to deal with them. Obviously one needs to put some attention to future events. The planning of financial budgets, shopping and preparation of meals, holidays, business ventures, etc. The preparation of the future is a valid part of the present, but after these efforts have been fulfilled, simply continue on with what requires your present availability.... your daily duty.

If you think there will be strong winds blowing your way soon, simply acknowledge that fact as your major preparation. Do what you have to do efficiently and peacefully, then go about your business in the meantime. Don't spread your energies around too much at one time. Prioritize your workload against your personal interests. Put your duties first and get them out of the way. When you're very keen to do something whilst at the same time other things demand your attention, there can be a temptation to do a bit of this and a bit of that. When your energies are distributed like this, you are prone to mistakes from frustration, since each task is advancing slowly. You will be eager to see some positive output, but because the other duties are calling for your attention, you can tend to rush and end up doing less than your best efforts would otherwise allow.

If you project to the task that you would like to be doing rather than being available to the task at hand, your state of mind then becomes inappropriate to the job you are trying to do. An attitude is then maintained that the job is a drudgery and a chore. However, by staying in "THE NOW" with the reality of the job at hand, you will perform more efficiently and the job will just fly by.

Have you ever had a day where time just seems to whiz past?

What you were experiencing was a combination of events and circumstances which had called for your present availability. You were, in fact, living and operating in "THE NOW" in a very refined way. Though you were unaware of it at the time, the scene eventually registered within you from your peaceful attitude. Your peace was highlighted by the lack of worries and concerns within. This type of feeling is available to you more often as you develop awareness and stop yourself from projecting and being concerned when you don't have to be.

The demands of the present are more than enough without added loads brought on by choice. To live in "THE NOW" is to finely tune your ability to manage the day-to-day problems that will always come your way.

When you become open and available to the flow of your worldly events, you will learn to see situations with greater clarity since fears and concerns shall be framed in a quiet state of mind. Many times, fears can be seen as unrealistic. Genuine problems can also be tackled in the most appropriate ways since you are able to see into the truth of the situation. You shall see a problem and through your stillness and refined instinct, efficiently apply a solution. The problem is then no more and you can then continue on with your business. Each time you act this way, the benefit that your actions bring you shall nurture your confidence as you learn that the potential for problems is no longer a problem.

Be available to your destiny.
Foster Stillness and Gentleness.
Love being peaceful.

Don't be too concerned or anxious about the direction of your life. As you change your outlook and learn to be guided by your goodness and instinct, good things will then begin to come your way. Opportunities will always present themselves when they can serve a need for your development. Believe this and get the strength to believe it by remembering your link with the Infinite.


Anxiety of the future makes us stumble in the present.
Anxiety of the past keeps us in chains.
Only within the Present, is where we will be
Free and Peaceful.

Be Peaceful,

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