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The Caregiver section is not just for caregivers. Caregivers and those with anxiety disorders must work hand-in-hand. Therefore, this site is for everyone.

Hi. I 'm Ken. Welcome to our all-volunteer site, designed specifically to:

  • provide caregivers with an understanding of the anxiety disorders;
  • bring caregivers and those with anxiety disorders closer together through a mutual understanding of the needs of each;
  • provide support for the caregivers;
  • offer suggestions to caregivers, so they may be supportive without becoming overwhelmed;
  • supply information, so the family may continue to function as a healthy unit;
  • supply information to the extended support network, such as teachers and employers;
  • post new information as it becomes available on the causes and treatment of anxiety disorders.

In Sept. of 1995, when we first opened, I wrote the following introduction:

The Caregiver is for caregivers and those with anxiety disorders. Find out how to support someone with an anxiety disorder.I am pleased to see there is more-and-more information becoming available for people with panic attacks but there is virtually nothing for the caregivers - the people who supply the emotional support and are one of the few trusted people to accompany the person with panic attacks on outings, etc.

It was due to this lack of practical information that this site was established. We are all volunteers. I sincerely hope that everyone who has an interest will work with us to continue to build a site from which not only will you benefit, but so will others who follow.

The feedback was far more than I had hoped. Literally thousands of people contacted me with questions, comments and suggestions. Using their feedback and requests, this site has evolved into what it is today.

The book, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Agoraphobia: Information for Support People, Family and Friends is mentioned frequently because it is, to our knowledge, the only book available devoted entirely to the friends and supporters of those with anxiety diseases. Also, through the cooperation of Oakminster Publishing, it provides the funds necessary to keep this site running.

I hope you find the site useful and informative. Again welcome and thank you for joining us.


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