OCD Self-Help Resources for Home

Dr. Reid Wilson is an expert in treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders. Find out about his self-help OCD program.I hope you have found the information in this web site to be a helpful reinforcement. Consider picking up a copy of the book Stop Obsessing!, since it provides 240 pages of guidance and support. As I have suggested earlier, you should first practice the skills presented here, which are from part II of the book, called the Initial Self-Help Program. This is the only program you need if you suffer from worries and obsessions. If you also suffer from compulsions, work with these skills, from chapter 6 of the book. Practice them persistently on a daily basis for several weeks. If you find you are improving, then you can stick with this approach. However, if after a few weeks you find that you are not continuing to improve or that the suggestions of this program are not helping you control your symptoms, then you should move on to Part III of Stop Obsessing!, which is called the Intensive Three-Week Program.

We have also developed The Stop Obsessing! Audio-tape Series to help reinforce these learnings.

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