It's Important to Recognize Other People When They Reach Out

April 7, 2021 TJ DeSalvo

Often, the most profoundly helpful methods to combat anxiety are also the easiest to do. In that spirit, I want to discuss what is perhaps the easiest of all the easy methods: the simple act of recognizing the integrity and worth of other people.

Recognizing Other People Lessens Their Anxiety

I’m sure everyone reading this can think of an example of when you felt that you weren’t recognized. It probably happens way more than you think. For example, I’m sure you’ve sent a friend or acquaintance a text message or email that went unanswered for no discernable reason. When this happens, your mind starts to race. You think, what could possibly be preventing them from getting back to me? It isn’t that hard. Did I do something wrong? If so, what could I have done? Why did they not say anything before? Why are they making their displeasure known in such an unpleasant way?

What I just wrote is an attempt to approximate what goes on in the mind of someone with anxiety who has not been recognized. Perhaps some of you may think this is a bit excessive; but, it’s more often than not an accurate picture of my own mind. It isn’t pleasant, and that unpleasantness only compounds as time goes on.

Why does this happen? In my opinion, recognizing someone is the baseline of acknowledging the humanity and worth of another. If you don’t recognize them, they may as well not exist. People with anxiety more often need to depend on the assistance of others, so if someone feels like they haven’t been recognized, they may think they’ve been abandoned to a world they are unable to navigate on their own.

How to Better Recognize Other People

The obvious solution to all this is to give people the recognition they deserve. Thankfully, it is easier than ever to do just that.

Recall the example I gave above: someone may feel like they haven’t been recognized because their text message or email has gone unread or unanswered. The proliferation of technology has made communication infinitely easier, but, on the other hand, I believe that ease has made people take communication much more for granted. It now doesn’t seem as worthwhile to participate in any kind of meaningful communication because we’re inundated by communication 24 hours a day on all sides – it no longer feels special or meaningful.

Please don’t fall into such a trap. Giving someone the recognition they deserve can literally take only a few seconds of your time, and it could make all the difference. Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re ignored – I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone.

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