Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Is Not a One-Time Event

May 12, 2016 Star LaBranche

A lot of people, whether they have binge eating disorder or not, seem to think that a binge eating disorder recovery is made up of one event. This mythical event marks the end of your recovery and from then you never encounter a problem with binge eating disorder ever again. Unfortunately, it's a little more complicated than that. Binge eating disorder recovery is not a one-time event.

Why Can't Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Be a One-Time Event?

Binge eating disorder recovery is far too complicated to culminate in one event which stops all binging and eating disorder behaviors cold. Binge eating disorder recovery is a journey because of how complex eating disorders are (Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Is A Personal Journey).

It's tempting to think of binge eating disorder recovery as a one-time event, but it's not and really, it can't be. BED recovery is complex. Read this.It would be like attempting to obtain a driver's license on your first day of driver's education in high school. You have to learn about driving, you have to practice driving, you have to take a written test, you have to take a practical test, and you have to acknowledge the responsibility of driving.

This isn't to say that binge eating disorder recovery comes with a written test. However, you have to learn your triggers, you have to learn coping mechanisms, you have to learn how to deal with relapses, you have to manage comorbid conditions, and learn how to live with your binge eating disorder. There are no shortcuts or easy answers and certainly no dawning realization that leads to no further issues with binge eating disorder.

Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Is too Complex to Be a One-Time Event

If you're waiting for your binge eating disorder recovery to become a one-time event, then relax. There is no magical thought or happening that is going to cure your binge eating disorder. Don't think you're a failure because you haven't encountered it or you're still struggling after years of living with binge eating disorder.

Living in binge eating disorder recovery also doesn't mean that you never again experience what you did with food, you body, and your mental health. You can live in recovery and still have body image issues, deal with weight fluctuation issues, or other results of having lived with an eating disorder.

Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Is a Journey, Not a One-Time Event

When you're recovering from binge eating disorder, remember that you are on a journey, not experiencing a one-time event. It's common for people to get frustrated when they don't recover quickly or struggle with their eating disorder. But far from one event which will cure you, binge eating disorder recovery is a journey that will teach you about yourself, how to manage your illness, and how to live in recovery.

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