How Can You Handle a Self-Harm Relapse?

September 28, 2020 Martyna Halas

Recovering from self-injury can put a lot of pressure on us and often includes a self-harm relapse or two. We expect that self-harm recovery will be a simple process with no obstacles on the road. However, it’s a complicated journey, and there is no one perfect way to recover. You might stumble once or twice, but that’s okay. You can still continue where you left off.

I Self-Harm Relapsed, Now What?

It’s easy to think that by relapsing into self-harm, you’ve failed. But you cannot fail in recovery. It takes time to build good habits, so it’s perfectly natural to fall back into bad ones along the way. Don’t let that stop you. Treat it as a lesson, and identify the triggers that made you self-harm. Continue to develop distractions and healthy coping mechanisms. Your effort thus far still counts.

In this video, I talk about my recent relapse and how I decided to learn from it. I refuse to treat it as a failure, and you should, too. How do you deal with self-harm relapse? Let me know in the comments.

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Author: Martyna Halas

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Nova S.
May, 10 2023 at 5:53 am

So I guess i should start of why I started self harming in the first place. Back in January of this year, i had lost my mother due to Breast Cancer. And i was about a year clean from it. When i relapsed then, i knew it wasn't going to be easy to stop this time. My mother would always do body checks on me and so it was easier to stay clean since I didn't want her finding out i cut and hurt myself. My father does not do body checks on me and so I can hide them pretty easy now. I was going to be one month clean as of today. (5/10/23) I had stopped cutting 4/10/23... So i have to ask. Does this mean I don't have to restart my timer on being clean from self harm? You said we just have to keep pushing forward. So do i restart that timer with being clean? or do I just keep it at 4/10/23?

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