Low or Nonexistent Energy with Mental Health Struggles

August 8, 2022 Laura A. Barton

Energy can be low or nonexistent when you have mental health struggles. For me, I generally have less energy to begin with, and, often, day-to-day activities—even simple interactions or tasks—can drain my battery to red. When my depression and anxiety are running rampant, it can feel like every gauge goes into the negative.

I Feel Bad for Not Having ‘Normal’ Energy Levels While Struggling with My Mental Health

In a society that values hustle and energy and all the good vibes a person can stand, low energy levels and being prone to quickly sapped energy due to mental illness aren’t well received. If you don’t want to go out, you’re no fun. If you’re not responding to messages, you’re being inconsiderate. If you’re not getting things done, you’re being lazy.

Thanks, stigma. As if I didn’t already feel bad enough about not being able to, well, be human, really. I’m not trying to be negative, rude, or lazy.

Having no energy is all-encompassing. I can literally feel it in all parts of my body, mind, and soul. It feels like a weight pushing down on every part of me. My brain and body feel heavy, thoughts become sluggish, and doing anything requires thought. Do you know how you just do things without thinking? Scratch that out. It’s not happening for me when mental health struggles have sapped all my energy.

When my energy is low or depleted, so many simple things become challenging. Getting out of bed requires negotiating with myself to even move, especially when I want to keep up with my physical health regimen of morning bouts at the gym. Replying to a message or email, even from friends or people I really need to speak with, becomes impossible. I become easily overwhelmed by quite literally anything.

There are many days when I quite simply don’t have the capacity to do things.

Be Kind to Those Struggling with Their Energy Levels and Mental Health

My point of writing all this is to ask that people be kind to those who may be struggling with having energy or depleted energy levels. Watch this for more thoughts on poor energy levels and mental health struggles.

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Author: Laura A. Barton

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