Beauty Confidence Does Not Have to Cost a Pretty Penny

July 23, 2017 Martha Lueck

Many women think that the price of beauty confidence costs a lot. They think that by spending more money on makeup and clothes, they will feel better about themselves. While I agree that spending money can help and we should always take good self-care and occasionally treat ourselves, some people (myself, included) spend an unnecessary amount of money on our appearance when we could use that cash for other pleasures and necessities. Beauty confidence is so much more than how you look.

Beauty Confidence Isn't Measured in Compliments

Ladies, has anyone ever said something to you like, "You look really good with makeup!" or "That outfit looks really good on you!"? How many compliments do you receive on a day when you do not wear makeup or when you do not wear something nice?

It’s really sad, but so many women I’ve talked to said that they get more compliments when they wear makeup or really nice clothes. Their inner beauty seems to go unnoticed. So they try to make up for it by looking good.

I really struggled with others' approval in my early 20s. Even now, it can be an issue. So I easily fall into the false belief that spending money to build my beauty confidence will help me thrive. But superficial compliments don't take away from feeling unlovable just as I am.

Beauty Confidence Isn't Found in Retail Therapy

Often times, when I have a bad day, I turn to retail therapy. The first things I think about buying are usually eye shadow and clothes. Like many women, I assume that my purchases will transform my views about myself and difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Instead of feeling better, I look at the receipt and think about how I could have bought prettier makeup or clothes for cheaper prices somewhere else. At the moment of my purchase, I feel better. But anxiety tends to follow me just a few minutes later (Shopping Addiction: Over-shopping, Compulsive Shopping).

Build Beauty Confidence Without Spending A Lot of Money

To find out how I build beauty confidence without spending too much, watch the video below.

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