How to Find Your Inner Power

May 31, 2020 Martha Lueck

With all of the changes that have been happening in the world, many people feel as though they have no control over anything and are losing their ability to find their inner power. However, finding a healthy amount of inner power can lead to improved mental health and quality of life. Here are some ways to utilize and find your inner power.

How to Find Your Inner Power

Acknowledge and Work Through Learned Helplessness

Learned helplessness means that since birth, you have been taught to believe that you cannot do something for yourself. If you do not recognize and acknowledge that you have this condition, you will essentially rely on other people to do things for you and this will make finding your inner power more difficult. While it is not bad to ask for help once in a while, constantly asking for help with the negative belief that you simply cannot do something prevents you from learning about what you can do. It also inhibits self-improvement.

Instead of asking for someone to do something for you, ask the person to teach you a skill so that you can do something new by yourself. By learning a new skill, you will improve self-esteem and reduce mood disorder symptoms ("Why Developing Skills Improves Self-Esteem").

Expose Yourself to Fears and Triggers

Even though more restaurants are finally opening up after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, there is still fear about getting sick. For many people, this fear is so intense that leaving the house is scary. This fear is valid and very common. However, avoiding your fear can become unhealthy. Staying inside from fear of getting sick leads to more isolation. Also, your stress can make you sick. Reasonably exposing yourself to fears and triggers helps you learn about yourself and accomplish goals. Of course, safe exposure still requires that you follow safety guidelines.

Remember that You Can Contribute to Change

Even if you do not think you can solely change something, it is important to know that you can contribute to change. By remembering that your desire for change is valid, you can start to think of ways that change is possible. By developing a positive mindset around goals, change, and inner power, you will start to feel like you have control over your actions--you will find your inner power. You will become part of a change that this world needs.

How do you find your inner power when you realize it is suffering? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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