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My name's Sani, welcome to My OCD Den: A UK - OCD Web Site! I live in the UK and I have OCD.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be a very isolating illness and hard to understand, both for the sufferer and for their family and friends. It can often be an embarrassing condition to talk about, and so, very often it isn't discussed. This can make the sufferer feel like an outcast, even within their own family! - I know because that's how I have felt.

So! I had the idea of setting this web site up as a meeting place for people with OCD and their family & friends, to chat, exchange info about medication, therapy etc, and to maybe gain confidence and motivation from each other. There is a light at the end of the OCD tunnel.

I have a snippet of my OCD Diary, which I kept for 2 years, to give others a look at what life with OCD is like. And I am constantly thinking of new things to add to the site, so please make sure you check this page often.

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