Four Ways to Journal for Your Mental Health

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Thinking about journaling for your mental health? There are lots of benefits. Learn how to journal on HealthyPlace.

Four Ways to Journal for Your Mental Health

Journaling is a powerful tool to help you take charge of your mental health and overcome problems that seem insurmountable. Many therapists recommend journaling as part of the healing journey, but you don’t have to be in therapy to benefit.

How to Journal for Your Mental Health

The idea of journaling, though, can be intimidating. What do you do with all these blank pages staring at you? Happily, you can do anything. There is no wrong way to journal. This is a sampling of ways you can journal to boost your mental health:

  • Create lists. “My top five worst emotions (or thoughts) today,” for example.
  • Free write. Write what pops into your mind without worrying about logical flow.
  • Make a collage. Find pictures that represent who you are, what you’re dealing with, or visions and goals for your life.
  • Doodle. Let yourself be lost in the act of doodling without overthinking. It’s a way to hone mindfulness.

Journal in any way that is meaningful to you. No matter how you do it, an important guideline is to avoid leaving your journal in the negative. End with a statement of what you’re learning from struggles, something you’re grateful for, or an action step you’ll take to overcome the struggle. Doing this moves your journaling experience to a new level, one of action and owning your mental health.

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