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Why the Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown Relationship Should Be Important to You?

Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown Relationship Should Be Important to YouHow did Whitney Houston hookup with "that loser" Bobby Brown? It's a question people want an answer to. In the days following the death of Whitney Houston, we were bombarded with images showing the "diva Whitney"; the Whitney Houston who was glamorous and looked and acted every bit like the star she was. The general public didn't know that Whitney was involved in drug abuse long before she met Bobby Brown. Like her family, they blame Bobby for, at the very least, dragging Whitney Houston further into the hell of drug addiction. In fact, many feel Bobby Brown is solely responsible for Whitney's drug addiction problems that led to her death.

The fact is - he wasn't. According to her close friend, Jennifer Holiday: "I hate to say that she had started [using drugs] before she had met Bobby Brown." She went on to tell CNN's Piers Morgan that in the early days of Whitney's career, "We were all around a lot of drugs."

Why Bobby Brown?

In relationships, we find people who are similar to us and who will accept us for our weaknesses. Did Whitney Houston hookup with Bobby Brown because he was a drug user who would accept her drug use and self-esteem problems?

That's something our relationships blogger, Deltra Coyne, addresses in this article: Mental Health, Addiction and Relationships: Understanding Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. It's important to read even if you don't have an addiction. Most people with a mental illness have self-esteem issues; they feel unworthy. As Deltra points out, that usually doesn't lead to positive relationship outcomes.

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