Mental Illness Makes Life Hard: 3 Tips to Be Grateful Anyway

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It is hard to be grateful when you are living with a mental illness. Here are some tips on how to be grateful.

Mental Illness Makes Life Hard: 3 Tips to Be Grateful Anyway

As 2020 comes to a close, if you are struggling to feel grateful, that’s okay. The concept of feeling thankful can feel hollow when you’re living with mental health challenges. Mental illness can be a lot like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown to kick in the classic Peanuts cartoon often played on Thanksgiving: It takes your self-esteem, sense of health and wellness, relationships, job, hopes and dreams, and motivation and wraps them up into a tight little package while taunting you to come kick it out of its grasp. In a burst of energy and drive, you charge at it to boot it past mental illness only to have the illness hold on tighter and yank it out of your reach. You fall on your back and don’t want to get up. When this happens, and it often does with mental illness, it’s hard to feel grateful for anything.

Gratitude, though, is linked to mental health and wellbeing. The more you seek and express it, the better you feel. Because it doesn’t always come naturally or easily, here are some tips to help you boost your sense of gratitude and your mental health this month and beyond:

  • Catch your negative thoughts, and intentionally shift them. Acknowledge the negative while identifying positives and expressing gratitude for them.
  • Set a timer to sound every hour. When it sounds, take a short gratitude walk (outside or indoors). Identify just one thing that you appreciate, and write it down.
  • At the end of each day, write down one thing you’re thankful for from that day. Once a month, look back over your list to remind yourself of the good you’ve experienced recently.

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