Practice Guided Imagery for Self-Care, Mental Health

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Practice Guided Imagery for Self-Care, Mental Health

Recall a fond memory. What do you see? Conjure details, textures, and colors. What do you smell? What sounds resonate in your mind? Breathe deeply, slowly, as you explore. When ready, open your eyes and smile.

This exercise, while abbreviated, illustrates the powerful self-care tool known as guided imagery. A form of meditation and mindfulness, guided imagery involves sitting or lying in a comfortable position and listening to a program (often an app or a podcast) that escorts you on a journey to relax and let go of physical tension, negative or racing thoughts, and roiling emotions.

As you settle in, a soothing voice, calming music, and/or peaceful nature sounds channel your thoughts and energy to a positive place you enjoy. Guided imagery reminds your brain and body of their natural state of calmness. Because brain and body react as if the imagery were real, guided imagery is effective for:  

  • Lowering anxiety
  • Calming panic attacks and preventing future episodes
  • Helping sleep
  • Reducing the effect of automatic negative thoughts
  • Inducing relaxation.

Guided imagery also enhances your mind-body connection so that each is more in tune with the other. As your awareness of your whole self increases, you’ll be able to practice self-care in the moment with a quick, self-led, guided imagery session for your mental health.

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