Take a Deep Breath for Your Brain, Mental Health

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'Take a deep breath.' Have you heard that when you're stressed or upset? There's a good reason for that. Discover why you should take a deep breath at HealthyPlace.

Take a Deep Breath for Your Brain, Mental Health

Have you ever noticed that people tend to advise, “Take a deep breath” when you're stressed or upset? That's for good reason. When you need a mental health reset, pause, and breathe. It may be just what your brain needs.

Benefits of a Breath

Given that the brain is only two percent of our total body weight, it’s costly to operate; the brain uses 20 percent of our oxygen (Raichle & Gusnard, 2002). Slow, deep breathing helps your brain function properly. A 2006 study (Jerath, et al.) showed that it helps:

  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Decrease the stress response by keeping the brain calm and preventing it from signaling the release of stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline
  • Increase theta wave production, the type of brain activity associated with relaxation, creativity, and calm
  • Enhances neural plasticity, the ability of brain cells to adapt to change

Breathe Like This for Your Brain

To maximize your brain health and functioning, simply get intentional about the way you breathe. Throughout the day, pause for breathing breaks

  • Inhale slowly through your nose and feel the air expand your chest and belly
  • Hold for a few seconds
  • Exhale slowly through your mouth
  • Repeat as desired

To boost your brain health, keep doing what you already do: breathe. Just do it slowly, deeply, and with purpose.


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