Sexual Abuse Help: Where to Find It

Sexual abuse help is needed any time child sexual abuse is suspected. Learn about where to find child sexual abuse help.

Most people realize that if a child is abused, sexual abuse help is needed. Sexual abuse help is needed not only for the child involved but also for his (or her) caregivers as child sexual abuse can touch entire families. An adult should always seek out sexual abuse help from professionals as the situation can easily be made worse, even with the best of intentions, without the training and education in knowing how to deal with child sexual abuse.

In spite of knowing this though, not everyone knows where to find sexual abuse help. Luckily this help can be found in many places.

Sexual Abuse Help Through Law Enforcement

It is an individual's responsibility to report any suspicion of child abuse to local law enforcement and child welfare agencies. It is not up to the individual to prove or investigate the suspicion – only to report it. An investigation will be done by the agencies trained and prepared to deal with such a delicate situation.

And while an adult might want to, understandably, shield a child from the process of reporting to authorities, it's critical this step takes place in order to tell the child that you believe their allegations, you take them seriously and you want to help them. The last message any child should receive is that sexual abuse should be swept under the rug.

Once the abuse is reported to law enforcement and child welfare agencies, these organizations can help point you towards other avenues for sexual abuse help.

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Other Sources of Sexual Abuse Help

It's important to get help for the abused child and family, and this help should be from a person or organization that specializes in child sexual abuse help. Some professionals work exclusively in this field and should be sought out for their expertise.

Places to find sexual abuse help include:1

  • Hospitals/doctor's offices
  • Offices of psychiatrists / psychologists / therapists
  • Mental health centers
  • Sexual assault centers
  • Transition homes
  • Distress centers

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Additionally, there are many national and international programs which can provide or refer you to sexual abuse help including:

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