Importance of Drug Addiction Support

Drug addiction support can be found through drug addiction support groups and professional drug addiction support services.  Learn about drug addiction support.

Quitting drugs and alcohol is only the first step in the recovery process. Recovery from drug addiction cannot be maintained without a wide drug addiction support network. It is this drug addiction support that the addict can turn to in everyday life to help keep them sober. Drug addiction support can also help an addict that has had a relapse and needs help to get back to the recovery process.

Drug addiction support can come in many forms. Drug addiction support can be found through medical services, the community as well as drug addiction support groups.

Drug Addiction Support - Professional Drug Addiction Support

Drug addiction is part drug abuse and part drug dependence, both considered to be a mental illness. Drug addicts, then, can receive drug addiction support through medical and mental health resources. Some professional drug addiction support, like psychotherapy, may require payment, while others, like doctor visits may be covered under medical insurance. Professional drug addiction support people can also be useful in suggesting community-based drug addiction support.

Professional drug addiction support include:

  • Doctors - for medical issues generally arising from drug use or drug abuse treatment
  • Psychiatrists - for treating mental illnesses that may co-exist with addiction issues
  • Psychologists / Therapists / Counselors - for psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and some group therapy participation
  • Social Workers / Aid Workers - to help with life issues as a result of drug addiction and to put the addict in touch with other services

Drug Addiction Support - Community Drug Addiction Support

Community drug addiction support can be anything from a close friend to that of a sobriety sponsor. Drug addiction support is about building a list of people and places to go to in times of stress or concern over addiction issues.

One strong place of drug addiction support is a sober living home. These homes are a safe place that provide drug addiction support during and after treatment. Drug addiction support is particularly plentiful in this environment as the recovering addict knows everyone around them has been through what they are experiencing and will not judge or derail recovery efforts.

Other community drug addiction support can include:

  • Family and friends
  • Other sober addicts
  • Spiritual advisors

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Drug Addiction Support - Drug Addiction Support Groups

Drug addiction support groups are one of the most common drug addiction supports used once an addict completes formal drug addiction treatment. Often drug addiction support groups are part of treatment and are designed to continue into recovery for as long as is needed. Some addicts find continuing to attend drug addiction support groups indefinitely prevents relapse in times of stress. Drug addiction support groups also often provide a sponsor whose job it is to help a less-experienced recovering addict maintain and progress in recovery.

Common drug addiction support groups include:

  • 12-step drug addiction support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous1 or Narcotics Anonymous2 - promote substance abstinence and believe in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing during recovery.
  • SMART Recovery3 - promotes substance abstinence by using non-confrontational motivational, behavioral and cognitive, secular methods.

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