Famous People with Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders

Although, not all these famous people have been "officially diagnosed"
they have exhibited many of the signs of ADD, ADHD & LD.

Did you know that Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and John Lennon suffered of a learning disorder? See other famous people with attention deficit or learning disorder.

Albert Einstein Leonardo da Vinci Nelson Rockefeller
Thomas Edison Tom Cruise Sylvester Stallone
Gen. George Patton F. Scott Fitzgerald Wright Brothers
John F. Kennedy Robin Williams Cher
Bruce Jenner Lindsay Wagner Gen. Westmoreland
Eddie Rickenbacker Louis Pasteur Charles Schwab
Harry Belafonte Wrigley Danny Glover
Walt Disney Whoppi Goldberg John Lennon
Steve McQueen Henry Winkler Greg Louganis
George C. Scott Werner von Braun Winston Churchill
Tom Smothers Dwight D. Eisenhower Henry Ford
Suzanne Somers Alexander Graham Bell Robert Kennedy
Jules Verne Woodrow Wilson George Bernard Shaw
"Magic Johnson" Galileo Beethoven
Carl Lewis Mozart Hans Christian Anderson

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