Junior Phonics Has Children Reading As Early As Three Years Old

The gift of early reading begins with Junior Phonics! It is the ideal fun activity for parents interested in giving their children a head start in school! In fact, proud parents have told us about their children becoming superstar readers after playing Junior Phonics for just a few hours!

"Thanks to Junior Phonics, Madison is reading at three years old. We have a blast playing it together, and she's going to have a significant advantage in school." - Robyn Grant

"I gave my daughter, Chelsea, her choice of things she wanted to do for her birthday. I expected her to say a popular pizza place, but she wanted to play Junior Phonics with her friends." - Nancy Kashergen

Junior Phonics is an excellent introductory reading program for children 3-6. Junior Phonics can be very helpful for kindergarten and 1st grade children who are having difficulty learning to read. It starts by teaching the letters of the alphabet and then moves on to learn the sound the letters make and how to use them to read.

Many children can learn to read as early as 3 years old. Most can learn to read well by the age of 5. Junior Phonics provides young children everything they need to become successful readers.

Junior Phonics Has Children Reading As Early As Three Years Old Prepare your child to enter preschool, kindergarten, or first grade ahead of the rest of the class! Give your children a head start in school with Junior Phonics. Studies and common sense show that children who develop early reading skills are often more successful in school and beyond! Plus they feel great about themselves!
A delightful puppet character named "Ed" leads your child on a lively learning excursion through three entertaining videos that teach everything needed to be a superior reader. A colorful board game, cards, charts, reward stickers and more motivate your children to learn as they play. Junior Phonics

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