How to Achieve Bliss During Times of Stress and Anxiety

July 14, 2015 Arley Hoskin, CMPS

Is it possible to achieve bliss during times of anxiety and stress? It is with these three tools. Overcome stress and anxiety with these techniques.

Achieving bliss during times of stress and anxiety can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. I recently discovered some tools that helped me relieve my stress and anxiety. Using these techniques even during stressful situations I have achieved bliss.

A few weeks ago I was visiting family in my hometown and I hit a rather larger pot hole on the way to my grandparents. The incident blew out my tire and broke the rim. This happened Friday and we had an entire weekend of activities planned in my hometown — a town too small to have a tire shop with a rim in stock.

For Bliss, Put Your Stress and Anxiety in Perspective


At first, I felt very frustrated by this predicament. I felt the anxiety and stress start to set in, but then I put things into perspective. I could drive an hour to get my tire fixed Saturday morning and be back for the hometown family festivities by Saturday afternoon.

Would this eat my morning? Yes. Would it require extra gas and milage on my car? Yes. Would this be a pain? Yes. But in the grand scheme of things having an annoying Saturday morning isn’t that big of a deal. In fact, it’s just part of being an adult. Anxiety effects our perspective so it’s important to check our perspective with reality. This can help combat negative self-talk as well.

Identify Your Resources and Use Them During Times of Stress for Bliss

Is it possible to achieve bliss during times of anxiety and stress? It is with these three tools. Overcome stress and anxiety with these techniques. My mom’s husband is a mechanic so I knew that he would know the most affordable and reliable place to get my tire repaired. I reached out to her as soon as my tire incident occurred.

When we experience stress and anxiety it’s important to know what resources we have to help alleviate the stress and anxiety.

Using the resources you have empowers you to move beyond stress and anxiety into a place of bliss. Your resource could be a friend who can empathize with you or a Zumba class that helps you relax. It’s good to identify your resources when you aren’t in a time of crisis so that you have them in your mind when you need them.

Enjoy the Moment, Despite Your Anxiety

Even under extreme stress and anxiety you can find moments of bliss if you allow yourself to detach from the stressful situation. You can do this by letting go of the things that are beyond your control. As I drove the 60 miles to get my tire fixed a few weeks ago, I realized I could not change the situation. I needed a new tire and rim and I had to drive an hour to get one.

Once I got over the bitterness of having to spend my morning getting a new tire, I was able to enjoy the ride. The National Public Radio show What Do You Know was doing a live broadcast from a Kansas City suburb. I thought I would miss it because I was going to be busy doing reunion activities, but since it came on during my drive to get my tire fixed I was able to listen to the entire broadcast. It’s often the little things that enable us to experience bliss. Choosing the practice of presence can help you recognize this moments.

Next time you experience stress and anxiety, try these tools. Use them to help you achieve bliss.

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Author: Arley Hoskin, CMPS

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