About Living a Blissful Life Authors

Kelli Anderson
I’m Kelli Anderson and I’m thrilled to join HealthyPlace as the author of the "Living a Blissful Life" blog. As a mindset and career coach, I’ve learned a few tricks about how to live a life full of joy. You may be surprised to find I don’t focus too much on life’s big milestones, but rather, I focus on those small moments that can be deeply impactful.
Michael Bjorn Huseby
I've loved writing for the "Living a Blissful Life" blog at HealthyPlace, but the time has come for me to move on. Here, I'll leave you with a few parting thoughts about how to live a happy, fulfilling life. 
Michael Bjorn Huseby
I’m Michael Bjorn Huseby, and I’m excited to join the "Living a Blissful Life" blog at HealthyPlace. I understand that being comfortable in your own skin doesn’t always come naturally. While staying on the bright side of life can be challenging at times, creating healthy mental habits and practicing gratitude can make a world of difference. I hope to help people live a more blissful life with this blog.
Morgan Meredith
While I’ve enjoyed my time as a writer for "Living a Blissful Life" at HealthyPlace, this is my final post on the blog. Through my time writing here I’ve learned how to better articulate the methods I use for my own mental health recovery. Most importantly, however, I’ve learned about the impact sharing our stories can make. 
Morgan Meredith
Hello, I’m Morgan Meredith, and I’m pleased to join HealthyPlace as a new writer for Living a Blissful Life. I look forward to sharing the approaches and tips I’ve collected over the years to help create a more blissful life in the face of mental health concerns. Though at times I certainly struggle, my goal is to continue developing so that the moments of satisfaction and confidence overwhelm those bliss-killers.
Silke Morin
Hi. I’m Silke, a new contributor to Living a Blissful Life. I am a mother, wife, writer, reader, runner, educator, scientist, and woman who lives with clinical depression. I wrote “lives with” because I have spent more than half my life “battling” depression, which is a constant struggle. Despite the battle, I withdrew from the world, attempted suicide, and was hospitalized – more than once. Waging war against depression clearly wasn’t working for me.
Joni Reisinger MS, NCC
It is with sadness that I am saying farewell to the HealthyPlace Living A Blissful Life blog. Although my blogging stay at HealthyPlace was a short stay, it was also an extremely fulfilling and often a blissful blogging experience. 
Arley Hoskin, CMPS
My name is Arley Hoskin and I come from Kansas. It is the middle of the Midwest. We are hardworking and dutiful. Sacrifice is often viewed as a higher virtue than happiness in my neck of the woods. And I used to feel the same way.
Joni Reisinger MS, NCC
Hello, I'm Joni Reisinger and I'm delighted to be writing the Living a Blissful Life blog. Life's journey is remarkably special yet mysteriously complex. How is it that some people seem to be living in bliss while others suffer in turmoil? Bliss can be described as joy, supreme happiness, paradise and extreme contentment. This definition can appear to be non-existent, a figment of our dreams of utopia, right? I remember a day long ago when I felt confused, sad, lost and unimportant. I often wondered what my purpose in life might be and how I might possibly make a positive impact in this overwhelmingly large world. As the path of life unfolded and I began a deeper examination of these questions, I discovered my path to bliss and gratefully continue along this road each and every day.
Sydney Savion, D.Ed.
Good bye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memory and there you will always be. ~ Walt Disney Does the story of your life seem like it has gone by in a blink of an eye? Does goodbye seem like forever? Does farewell seem like the end?