Introduction to Joanna Satterwhite, Author of 'Living a Blissful Life'

September 8, 2022 Joanna Satterwhite


I’m Joanna Scott Satterwhite. I’m thrilled to be joining HealthyPlace as one of the new writers of the Living a Blissful Life blog. It remains to be seen whether I actually know how to live a blissful life, but I’m out here trying, and that’s at least half the battle.

Joanna Satterwhite’s Experience with a Blissful Life

I come to the topic of bliss from a history of tangoing with its opposite. I’m a latter-20-something, and I’ve spent most of those two-odd decades swaddled in fear, anxiety, and general malaise. Suffice it to say; I’ve had to take the long way up to my current state of legitimate wellbeing

And it’s been a very long way, but I’m so glad I’ve walked it. From where I stand now, I can see that every moment spent hyperventilating in public, every suicidal ideation, and every self-loathing thought I’ve ever had was a necessary lesson. Put another way: the only way out is through. But there is a way out. There was for me, and I have full faith that there is for anyone reading this who hasn’t yet found it.

What ‘Living a Blissful Life’ Blog Will Be

I intend my portion of this blog to be part handbook, part rambling musings. Other than dumb luck, I credit my healing to two things: my interest in neuroscience and my still-nascent spirituality. In spite of being apparent opposites, these subjects play quite nicely, and I intend to weave both into my writing. My goal is not to convince you of anything; my goal is to invite doubt into your potentially dusty thinking. Change is the only universal constant, and you are as capable of it as I am. 

My avocation is writing, but my day job is teaching elementary school. The wisdom of my students will undoubtedly float into this blog. No one knows bliss better than a seven-year-old at recess. I’ve also worked as a personal trainer, so I apologize in advance for the sports metaphors.

I can’t wait to explore bliss with the lot of you reading this. We’re going to get there. Say it now; believe it later. 

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Author: Joanna Satterwhite

Joanna is a writer and teacher based in Atlanta. Find her on Substack and Instagram

Lizanne Corbit
September, 8 2022 at 10:17 pm

Welcome, Joanna! Happy to have you hear and looking forward to seeing more on this topic.

September, 8 2022 at 4:54 pm

Great intro! Excited to read more.

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