Managing Specific Fears or Phobias with an Anxiety Disorder

September 22, 2017 Sarah Hackley

Specific fears and phobias can make general anxiety symptoms worse. Here are some ways you can deal with increased anxiety from specific fears or phobias. Nearly all of us with anxiety disorders have a specific fear or phobia that sends our anxiety into overdrive. For some people, it may be a fear of public speaking. For others, the specific fear or phobia may be the subway or dentist appointments. Whatever it is, the fear sends our hearts racing and this specific fear or phobia makes managing our everyday levels of anxiety that much harder.

Dealing with Specific Fears or Phobias

In this video, I talk about my fear of flying and what I do to set my anxious mind at ease. From talking with doctors about preemptive anti-anxiety medication to engaging in self-assuring rituals, there are a variety of ways to manage severe specific fears and phobias.

Fearing one thing needn't make us worry about everything.

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