What to Do When Family Holidays Trigger Anxiety

October 31, 2017 Melissa Renzi

With family holidays approaching, anxiety triggers might already be popping up for you. Learn how to manage family holiday anxiety triggers with one question.

Do family holidays trigger your anxiety? Family relationships can trigger anxieties, so chances are that the holidays are particularly challenging. While holidays can be a time to connect with loved ones, there are many situations that may lead to anxiety symptoms. The question becomes, "How can we deal with anxiety triggers when family holidays are around the corner?"

Even if we love our families, our family relationships can evoke stress. We may even feel alone and isolated. It can become easy to dwell in painful family dynamics. But how do we get out of it so that we can manage our anxiety and feel a sense of holiday ease?

How to Manage Anxiety Triggers Around Family Holidays

In this video, you'll find a simple question to ask yourself when family holidays trigger your anxiety symptoms. Asking it will help you to let go of anxiety triggered by family dynamics and pressures.

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