ECT Stories: Personal Stories of ECT

Personal ECT stories bring light to the often maligned treatment of electroconvulsive therapy. Stories of ECT give hope to those considering ECT treatment.

Personal ECT stories are hard to come by. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), once known as shock therapy, has a checkered past. Because people associate ECT with abuse and inhumane treatment of patients, many people are unwilling to talk about their personal ECT stories. However, most people who have had the treatment have stories of ECT that are positive and lead to their recovery and going on to regain their lives.

Personal ECT stories are critical to share because they talk about ECT, not from the perspective of a doctor but from that of a patient. Patients can express and address the same fears and concerns as the reader. In a first-hand ECT story, the patient can outline how it feels to get ECT, and not just the clinical procedure. These ECT stories – good or bad – give real faces and meaning to a treatment that most have only seen inaccurately portrayed in movies.

Real ECT stories work to reduce the stigma associated with the treatment. They provide hope to others that may be considering this treatment. Read these ECT stories.

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