4 Ideas for Mastering Mood Problems

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Mental health mood problems getting too difficult to handle? Get 4 ideas for mastering your moods on HealthyPlace.

4 Ideas for Mastering Mood Problems

Mood problems are common in numerous mental disorders. Moods can be low, high, anxious, irritable—sometimes one at a time, and sometimes all at once (How Not to Take Bipolar Hypomania Irritability Out on Others). Making mood problems all the more frustrating is that they can be prolonged or strike without warning, seemingly out of the blue.

No matter what mood you're wrestling with or when it strikes, you don't have to let your mood rule you. Try these four ideas for mastering your mood.

  1. Give yourself permission. Instead of berating yourself for feeling the way you do, accept your feelings. When you don't fight with them, you're free to shift your focus.
  2. Create enjoyment. Negative moods consume our thoughts and energy and increase stress. To counter this, do something you enjoy.
  3. Shape your perspective. Remind yourself that your moods are part of what you're dealing with. They're not who you are. Remember, too, that they're temporary.
  4. Live with a purpose. What do you value? What are your goals? Shaping your actions with these in mind, and always having them in the forefront of your mind, will help you live well with moods in the background.

Use these four ideas consistently for long-term mood management, and do them in the moment when a negative mood strikes. You just might find yourself mastering moods.

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