Being Productive with ADHD: 3 Tips for Controlling Your Day

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Symptoms of ADHD can make focusing and planning difficult which makes being productive with ADHD a real challenge. Get tips on getting focused at HealthyPlace.

Being Productive with ADHD: 3 Tips for Controlling Your Day

Symptoms of ADHD can make focusing and planning difficult which, of course makes being productive with ADHD a real challenge. If you’ve ever wrapped up a day feeling frustrated and exhausted because it seems like you started many things and finished nothing, take heart. You can do things to feel more productive with ADHD and in control of your day.

Try these tips for creating a focused day:

Develop a centering morning ritual. Starting your day with intention can help keep you focused and calm all day long. Some ideas:

  • Journal about a goal for the day, something you’re grateful for that will carry you through the day, or a positive feeling or thought
  • Search for an inspirational quote and write it down as a motivator for your day
  • Do yoga to get your mind and body in synch and moving
  • Meditate to focus your thoughts
  • Sip a cup of tea or coffee mindfully, simply enjoying the calm before the day begins

Select just two or three primary goals. What do you need to accomplish most today? Do these first.

Commit to mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of living one moment at a time and giving your complete attention to what you’re doing in any moment. Returning to your goal when you catch yourself trying to multitask or getting off track will help you re-center.

Even when living with adult ADHD, it truly is possible for you to make your days both peaceful and productive.

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