Workplace Bullying Can Trigger Anxiety and Depression

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Workplace Bullying Can Trigger Anxiety and Depression

Workplace Bullying Can Trigger Anxiety and DepressionWho would believe that bullying would continue into the workplace? Many people expect bullying to end the day that final high school bell rings (The Effects of Bullying). They hope that those in college, and even in the workforce, will treat them as an equal and without judgment. The truth is that bullying continues every day and age does not play a part when it comes to how people treat others and the hurtful things that are said.

The Result of Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can cause typically happy, confident people to feel depressed, insecure and anxious. If someone feels they don't fit into a niche at work, they can feel attacked by those around them and hurt by every gaze. Hushed whispers can bring unneeded anxiety and when returning home, depression can often take over. These kinds of actions and thoughts can make someone fragile turn to alcohol, self-harm and, sometimes, suicide as an answer.

How to Deal with Workplace Bullying

Instead of focusing on the painful comments co-workers and fellow staff members throw at you, focus on yourself and your work. Be proud of what you are doing and if your job is something you find passion in, focus on that passion and don't let others tear you down. Bullying absolutely plays a part in the mental health realm and if you take the time to focus on your own happiness, you will find yourself with the willpower to push past the negative people surrounding you.

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