Emotional Intelligence - How to Increase Your Bliss EQ

February 1, 2014 Sydney Savion, D.Ed.

Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real. ~Deepak Chopra

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

How well do you observe your own feelings and emotions as well as those of others around you? Can you separate those feelings and emotions and use what you know to boost your way of being, thinking and doing? Are your feelings and emotions awaking or subduing your bliss?

If you answered “so-so”, many of us struggle with monitoring our feelings and emotions and those of others. But, I bet you know someone that is attentive and an active listener. Someone, who can in the midst of a life-storm stay calm, composed, emotionally-steady and make good decisions. My lovely Grandmother was that way. She was very self-aware and aware of the feelings and emotions of others. No matter what the situation she stayed positive, trusted her instincts and did not get stressed or angry. Doing this well is the art of Emotional Intelligence, also affectionately known as “EQ”. It is your ability to be self-aware, manage your feelings and emotions and those of others and use it to better inform your way of being, thinking and doing.

Increase Your Bliss Emotional Intelligence (BEQ)

Bliss EQ, your ability to be self-aware, identify what fuels you and lifts others up, quash negativity. Want to know how to increase your Bliss EQ? Watch this.
Now that you know what EQ is, you can begin to increase your bliss emotional intelligence. Bliss emotional intelligence is your ability to be self-aware, identify what fuels you and lifts others up, quash negative energy and harness positive feelings and emotions to better nurture your path to living a blissful life. There may be camps that say it can only be learned, other camps may say you have to be born with it. My camp says it can be cultivated. Cultivating a high level of bliss emotional intelligence will go a long way towards your pursuit of a magnified emotional state of joy, fulfilment and happiness.

Five Qualities that Can Increase Your Bliss EQ:

  1. Self-Awareness: Recognize what creates a magnified emotional state of joy, fulfilment and happiness for you.
  2. Thankfulness: Express gratitude for what you have and for others.
  3. Selflessness: Converge on love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, humility and harmony with others.
  4. Relationship Mindfulness: Relationships have a huge impact on our lives. Fill your life with people who encourage love, security, growth, and support.
  5. Faithfulness: The very foundation of achieving bliss rests on believing in and living a life of faith, gratitude, intention, understanding and peace.

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Author: Sydney Savion, D.Ed.

Dr Musli Ferati
August, 17 2018 at 9:44 am

Emotional wellness is crucial step to mental health condition. So, it is of great importance to upbuilding solid emotional state in order to manage daily relationship, that may be intriguing and stressful, as well. Your five mental undertakings indicates helpful tool to improve emotional intelligence, as precursor of satisfying emotional state. In this direction, the first mental activity have got principal place and role on improving emotional health. Each person should be aware of oneself and others feeling along interpersonal cooperation.Another aspect of emotional intelligence is pro-social approaching to to daily social life. This positive aim should be accomplish with amicable and benevolent condition in respective social network. To achieve this prospective intention it ought to treat others person as you like to be treated by others. By this model of interpersonal relationship we shall be happy and satisfying person in respective social milieu. In consequence, our emotional statement would be more functional and more healthy. In this subsequent positive correlation we would be happy and healthy person, as well.

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