Start a Happiness Habit and Build Your Bliss

December 27, 2016 Silke Morin

Happiness habits matter because living a blissful life, to some degree, is a choice. Choosing happiness habits matter to that choice. Even if you live with a chronic mental health disorder, you can choose to nurture practices that create happiness in your life. Make 2017 the year you kick start your happiness habit to build your bliss.

Happiness Habits Come from Commitment

Like any habit, cultivating happiness requires daily commitment. Becoming happier doesn’t just happen on its own. You have to want to be happy and you have to commit to achieving that goal.

Start your happiness habit to build your bliss by stating your intention. Every single day, tell yourself that you will choose a happier mindset. Tell yourself that you will pause and breathe deeply when you need to make a mental shift toward happiness. Then remind yourself of this intention throughout the day.

Grow Your Happiness Habit Bit by Bit

Grow your happiness habit by practicing life-affirming rituals and activities. Every single day, do what builds bliss in your life. Meditate, exercise, get enough sleep, eat well, connect with others, or practice gratitude and appreciation. These happiness habits will help create an atmosphere of happiness in your life.

When you mess up, skip the blame game and forgive yourself. Pick yourself back up, and re-commit to your intention. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s not okay to let those mistakes completely derail you from reaching your goal. Dust yourself off and start again.

Keep Your Happiness Habit on Track

You should know from the outset that when you create a happiness habit, your problems don’t magically disappear. You won’t suddenly feel warm fuzzies all the time. This just isn’t realistic.

Know that you will experience hardship and difficulty. These things are part of life, everyone’s life. No one is immune from problems. When you acknowledge and accept this basic truth, you will become more resilient. And resilience will help you maintain your happiness.

Create a Happiness Habit for Better Mental Health

Watch this video to learn more about starting a happiness habit.

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Author: Silke Morin

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