How Minimalism Can Bring You Peace

March 11, 2020 Michael Bjorn Huseby

Minimalism seemed too difficult because, for as long as I can remember, I've been bombarded with a series of commercials telling me to buy more. If only I could have a new car, the latest phone, or a wardrobe makeover, then I'd be happy. However, possessions aren't everything. In many cases, less is more. Minimalism is much more than I thought it would be.

Self-Imposed Minimalism 

Last year, I decided to leave my job, my city, and my previous life. While the excitement of adventure surrounded me, I also had a few logistical issues to sort out. My apartment was full of furniture, clothes, and various other items I'd picked up over the years. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to fit everything in my backpack. I certainly wasn't going to lug around seven pairs of shoes while hiking in the Andes. Soon, I started the process of selling, giving away, or throwing out the majority of my possessions. It was the only option. 

Why I Love Minimalism

The Freedom of Minimalism

Surprisingly, I didn't feel the pain of loss every time I disposed of my belongings. In fact, I felt a wonderful rush of freedom and excitement as my apartment slowly became emptier and emptier. With fewer possessions, I didn't have so many things to look after or worry about. As space opened up in my Los Angeles studio, I felt a corresponding openness appear in my mind. When we have less, we have less to lose. 

Minimalism Saves You Money

We often buy with good intentions, assuming we'll use whatever we've just purchased. Lured by advertisements and the promise of a better future, we don't stop to consider whether we really need what we're buying. By practicing minimalism and taking the time to consciously evaluate each purchase, you'll end up saving money. 

Minimalism Buys You Time

When you buy less, you need less money. If you need less money, you can free up more of your time to focus on what truly makes you happy. For example, by buying a smaller house, you save money on the purchase price, you reduce the amount of furniture you need, and you'll spend less time cleaning. By spending less on your house, you won't need to spend as much time paying off your mortgage. Whether you'd rather retire earlier or work fewer hours per week, minimalism can help free up time for what's important. 

Minimalism Helps the Environment

Every time we buy something, we consume natural resources. We use the metal, plastic, wood, or other materials contained in our new purchases, but that's not all. Each new toy comes with hidden environmental costs, such as packaging and fuel burned while transporting goods. By buying less, we can help keep the world beautiful for future generations. 

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