Introduction to Elizabeth Naraine, Author of ‘Treating Anxiety’

June 17, 2024 Elizabeth Naraine

My name is Elizabeth Naraine, and I am excited to join the HealthyPlace community as a new author for Treating Anxiety. Anxiety has affected me in different ways throughout my life. Beginning in the early years of elementary school, I experienced racing thoughts and a pit in my stomach before the day started. Throughout my teen and adult years, it evolved to constant worrying about my future, career outlook, and relationships. My goal with this blog is to help you feel supported and understood through the challenges of living with anxiety and offer a glimmer of hope that there are effective ways to treat anxiety and overcome it.

Elizabeth Naraine's Experience with Anxiety

I can trace my anxiety back to a childhood trauma experience, namely, bullying. It caused me to feel nauseous each morning and left me terrified of forming new friendships. As I transitioned into adulthood and began my first job, I experienced feelings of inadequacy, lack of purpose, fatigue, and ruminating thoughts. I couldn't wrap my head around waking up each day to do something I wasn't passionate about. After a slew of doctor visits, written assessments, and blood tests to rule out underlying medical conditions, I discovered that I had generalized anxiety disorder, which motivated me to make a change.

For more about me and my journey with anxiety, watch this:

Elizabeth Naraine's Journey with Treating Anxiety

Treating anxiety is a long road of failures and successes. I made huge strides in managing my anxious thoughts by starting therapy. I learned new coping mechanisms, dedicated more time to my passions, transitioned to a freelance writing career, and improved my emotional regulation. While I still have a way to go, my current goal is to continue practicing mindfulness daily and share my experiences with others to inspire a more peaceful way of living.

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Author: Elizabeth Naraine

Elizabeth Naraine is a mental health advocate and freelance writer passionate about wellness and sharing new ideas with the world. Find her on LinkedIn and her website.

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