Can a Pet Help with Depression and Create Bliss?

September 26, 2018 Morgan Meredith

Can a pet help with depression and create more bliss? Yes, and it's not just by giving love. Watch this to explore ways pets help depression at HealthyPlace.

Can a pet help with depression? Although emotional support animals are well known for supporting mental health, having a house pet also helps with mental illnesses like depression. 

How a Pet Can Help with Depression

A Pet's Love Eases Mental Illness

A pet can help with depression because pets love us unconditionally, which is extra important when we're experiencing periods of anxiety and self-doubt or self-loathing caused by our mental illnesses. Having a pet react to your presence can help bring a smile to your face, no matter how hard your day has been. Even goldfish react to the people who feed them.

Your Pet's Needs Help With Depression

When a pet needs to eat, it's hard to stay in bed depressed at the expense of your animal. The drive to care for something else can make a huge difference in your mental health.

Meet my dog, Dante, (and learn more about how my pet helps my depression and mental health) by watching the video below.

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September, 30 2018 at 6:24 pm

Dante is adorable! Pets are great for improving mental health symptoms but one should also consider if they are ready for the responsibility of a pet. Financial considerations and the willingness/ability to deal with problem behaviors should be examined. I got both my pups from a wonderful rescue where the dogs lived with foster families. I was able to discuss all potential behavior issues with the foster parent so I knew I wasn't getting in over my head. I wanted my pets to help with my anxiety, not increase it! Of course, there is always some added stress when you are responsible for caring for a living creature, but for me, the benefits of adopting a pet far outweighed the extra responsibility. Thanks for sharing Dante with us, Morgan!

October, 2 2018 at 8:51 am

Thanks Heidi! There are certainly lots of other factors to consider when deciding whether or not a pet makes sense. They certainly can add stress, too! It's definitely a lifestyle change when one gets a pet (even the betta fish I gave my grandmother needed regular feedings, but it gave her some companionship, too).

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