Will I Be Depressed Forever?

For many, depression seems like it will last forever. But will it really? Find out here at

For many, depression seems like it will last forever. But will it really?

Gold Standard for Treating Depression (part 31)

When you're depressed, it certainly feels like the depression will never end and that you will have to live with the depression symptoms for the rest of your life. Fortunately, this is rarely the case; people with depression can and do get better. The more you explore and utilize your depression medication(s) and other treatment options, the more chance you have of ending the power depression has over your life.

How Often Does Depression Go Into Remission?

As seen by the Star*D research results, it's very possible that over 50% of people with depression can go into remission when a person finds the right combination of treatments for depression. People who reach remission (virtual absence of symptoms) generally function better socially and at work and have a better chance of staying well than do people who only achieve a partial positive response but not a remission. Even if you have partially responded to depression treatment in the past but have not experienced a remission in your initial treatments, there is still a good chance you can experience a remission in the future.

video: Depression Treatment Interviews w/Julie Fast


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