Family Member With Mental Illness

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When A Family Member Has A Mental Illness

The letters we receive from family members could rip a hole in your soul.

"My wife emptied out our savings and retirement accounts and went on a $230,000, 3-day shopping spree. Carla is bipolar. I was extremely angry when I found about it. That was two weeks ago. Last night, she committed suicide."
- Dan

"My daughter's eating disorder has led to complete anarchy in our house. We've tried everything, therapy and hospitalization for her, therapy for us, all the time having to walk that fine line of utter frustration, our own sanity vs. hers. We've gone from living a good, middle-income life to being mortgaged to the hilt. Our youngest son is angry because attention has been diverted away from him and my husband and I are at odds over how to handle this. I'm scared to death of what's next."
- Monica

Having a family member with a mental illness can be very stressful and it's guaranteed you will be affected by their illness too.

A person with a psychiatric disorder often needs much love, help and support. At the same time, the problems, fears and behavior of your ill relative may strain your patience and your ability to cope.

So what's a family to do? Mental health professionals first suggest learning about the psychiatric disorder so you understand what you're dealing with. Getting counseling for yourself and attending support group meetings for families (NAMI, DBSA, CHADD, Mental Health America, AA and other addiction all have local support groups across America), where you can share the frustrations and get "insider" feedback, can also be very helpful.

Even being armed with a good understanding of your loved one's mental illness may not be enough to get you through the tough times, as you'll see on this Tuesday's HealthyPlace TV Show (more below).

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"Mental Illness in the Family" On HealthyPlace TV

Rebecca's life is in tatters. Her daughter has Dissociative Identity Disorder and, so far, has revealed 19 alters ... and she's only 12 years old. It's cost Rebecca her marriage, her job, and she might even lose custody of her daughter. Her story and helpful suggestions for surviving mental illness in the family on Tuesday's HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show.

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Join us Tuesday, November 24, at 5:30p PT, 7:30 CST, 8:30 EST. The show airs live on our website. Rebecca will be taking your questions during the live show.

In the second half of the show, you get to ask Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, your personal mental health questions.

Coming in December on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show

  • Overeating: The Emotional Pain and How to Cope with It
  • OCD: Scrupulosity

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