How to Believe in Yourself When You Face Mental Health Challenges

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You can believe in yourself even when you face mental health challenges.

How to Believe in Yourself When You Face Mental Health Challenges

You can believe in yourself even when you face mental health challenges. Mental illness sometimes makes it hard to feel confident. This feeling, though, is just a nasty trick mental illness plays on people's thoughts and emotions.

An important early step in believing in yourself, also called self-efficacy, is remembering that Five Character Strengths of People Living with Anxiety. Mental illness is something you live with, but it's not your identity. Begin to see yourself as the whole person you are; you're more than your symptoms. Here are three other ways to believe in yourself when you face mental health challenges:

  • Identify your unique character strengths, as these are at your core.
  • Keep track of all of your accomplishments. Starting with getting out of bed even when you don't think you can, identify what you're doing well throughout the day.
  • Set a new goal every day, no matter how small. When you accomplish it, celebrate by doing something special.

Focusing on what you can do rather than what you can't is a powerful way to believe in yourself. Really examining who you are based on your strengths and abilities prevents mental health challenges from overshadowing everything wonderful about you.

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