Emotional Resilience -- Bounce Back from Difficulty

June 28, 2016 Silke Morin

Developing emotional resilience does not exempt you from stress. But if you can develop resilience, you will bounce back from difficulty more easily. Read this.

Developing emotional resilience does not exempt you from life’s stressors. It helps you maintain hope when you have to face those stressors (Resilience: Getting Up When Mental Illness Knocks You Down). If you can learn how to bounce back from difficulty, you will adapt rather than succumb to adversity. Learn how to develop your emotional resilience. Here's how.

Emotional Resilience Lets You Bounce Back

Maya Angelou wrote, “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.”

When I reflect on this quote, it tells me that we all go through stressful situations, but we cannot let those tough times break us. We must learn and use positive coping strategies that allow us to continue moving forward in life. We must bend and not break. We must bounce back from difficulty.

Increase Emotional Resilience Using Coping Skills

When a difficulty arises, the first thing to try is reframing the situation. Instead of getting mired in negativity, commit to making something positive come out of the experience. Whatever the challenge, it can help you grow yourself if you allow it.

Don’t take the difficulty personally. Life is hard at times, and often we can’t control the circumstances that create the stress. That’s just the nature of living -- for everyone. So, don’t act or believe that the world is out to get you. Stay objective and know that everyone experiences hardship. It’s not about you.

When trying to navigate difficult times, be flexible. Know that things may not work out the way you want or envision them. That’s okay as long as you are willing to accept other options. Your way is not the only way. It’s one way, but there are alternate paths that may yield the same end result.

Developing emotional resilience does not exempt you from stress. But if you can develop resilience, you will bounce back from difficulty more easily. Read this.Every challenge that you meet and get through will help you build emotional resilience. If you have some positive coping strategies at your disposal, you can bounce back from stressful situations more easily. Instead of getting overwhelmed and defeated, engage three simple responses when you experience difficulty. Focus on the positive in every situation, don’t take life too seriously, and be flexible.

Ways to Increase Emotional Resilience

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Brigit R
June, 2 2018 at 8:42 pm

Excellent article and talk Silke. Emotional resilience is something we all need. Kind of like building an emotionally thicker skin. I remember one of my therapists emphasizing emotional resilience and, it greatly helped me.

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