Practice Intentional Giving Throughout the Holiday Season

November 29, 2016 Silke Morin

It’s the beginning of the holiday season, which is typically a time when we all do lots of giving, but sometimes not intentional giving. Mostly, that giving is related to shopping, buying things and spending money. But you can keep your spirit and wallet intact and make an even greater impact if you practice intentional giving throughout the holiday season.

What Is Intentional Giving?

Intentional giving means there is a purpose behind your gift. Of course, the act of gift-giving is intentional in and of itself, but sometimes we don’t stop to think about what that purpose is, the intention behind it, and what it actually means.

Do you give in order to get positive feedback or perhaps a gift in return? Or do you give in order to expand blessings and joy in the lives of others?

In the spirit of the season, I encourage all of us to choose the latter. Let's practice intentional giving. Let's give gifts for the greater good, because there is no need to buy more stuff in order to spread happiness.

Give Thanks with Intention

Practice intentional giving to make your gifts count this holiday season. Don't just buy more stuff! Keep your spirit and wallet intact with intentional giving.

Think of people who are close to you and also people who may not be close to you. On a note card, write down something about that person for which you are grateful. Then mail the card to that person. Brighten their day with the recognition that they impact your life in a positive way.

Verbally thank people you interact with every day. When you get your coffee on the way to work, stop and look the barista in the eye and thank him or her for making the coffee. Yes, it’s his or her job. Yes, he or she are getting paid to serve you. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t extend kindness.

Gratitude is a gift and it’s always appreciated.

Give Time with Intention

Think about what is important to you in your immediate community. Then volunteer with an organization that supports what's important to you. The connection with other people who share similar values, whether it’s neighborhood clean ups or working with animals at the shelter, and the time spent actually doing something will be incredibly rewarding for both you and the organization.

Alternatively, connect with someone for whom the holiday season is a lonely and difficult time. Perhaps you have an elderly neighbor who lives by herself. Spend an hour or two with that neighbor. Ask her about her life. Talk to and get to know her. That time is a precious gift.

Practice Intentional Giving

It’s nice to receive the latest gadget or a beautiful new purse as a gift. But those things do not make our lives better. They do not resonate with our hearts or our spirits. This holiday season, practice intentional giving. Give your thanks and give your time. Give with purpose, and make a real difference in someone’s life.

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