Be Present with this Victory Visualization for Anxiety

November 18, 2018 Morgan Meredith

How can you be present when you have such anxiety over future events? Try this victory visualization that teaches you to be present during stress at HealthyPlace.

It can be a struggle to be present, but using this victory visualization can help bring you from future desires back to the present moment. A writer I admire recently posted this inspiring visualization and my twist is intended to provide relief from anxiety. Many of us live in future thoughts -- whether we're worried about future anxiety or only thinking about what we're trying to achieve in order to move on to the next goal or task. Help yourself to be present with these steps. 

Be Present by Slowing Down for the Visualization

The first step of the visualization is to stop all activity. Sit or lie somewhere comfortable with your hands in your lap or over your belly. You can even do this victory visualization at work because it only takes a minute or two. 

Take a couple full, deep breaths and relax the muscles around your eyes and mouth. 

Visualize Your Victory to Be Present

If you're worried about an anxiety-inducing situation, visualize how you'll feel when the anxiety dissipates after the situation is over. Visualize your victory over the anxiety. If you're stuck focusing on future goals or achievements, visualize your success once you've reached that goal. 

Imagine the emotions you'll have when you achieve your dream. As an example, a goal that's constantly on my mind, distracting me from being present, is paying off my huge student loan debt. In this exercise, I imagine how it will feel to finally have that debt paid off. I'd feel relieved, happy, free, excited, and grateful. 

Next, imagine the physical sensations you'll have when you attain that victory. Imagine the body sensations, smells, taste, and sound at that moment. For my student loan payoff, I'll feel a surge of energy in my body, jump up and down, smile and laugh, and hug those around me. I'll hear myself gasp with excitement. I'll celebrate by eating a cake with a candle on it like it's my birthday (I want the candle to be the number zero, for zero balance), so I'll smell the candle as it's lit and taste the chocolatey goodness. 

You'll probably find that by practicing this visualization for only a few minutes you're already more present. Paying attention to your senses in the future actually creates a sample of those senses in your body now, which helps transition your attention from future anxiety or goals to your current experience. Visualizing a victory can actually feel like cheating the system since you get the physical results without actually attaining the goal. Of course, this exercise isn't meant to keep you from pursuing your dreams by making you content; rather, this visualization helps remind you why you're seeking those results in the first place and gives you an early taste of that victory.

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Lizanne Corbit
November, 19 2018 at 5:56 pm

I love this suggestion! Visualizations and being present are two phenomenal tools, I love that this combines both and helps to bring projections of future thoughts into the present. This may seem counterintuitive but this is truly such a tremendous practice, and the more we work with it, the more we see the benefits of it. Truly, so powerful.

November, 19 2018 at 7:03 pm

Thanks Lizanne, I'm so happy you like the combo! It's a very new practice for me, too, and so far I have really enjoyed providing my body and mind with a reward rather than stressing. Perhaps with time it'll reprogram some things for me!

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