What Makes Recovery from Mental Illness Possible?

January 2, 2018 Nancy Zacharakis

Recovery from mental illness is possible any day of the year. Recovery is a recurring decision to make every day--not just a New Year's resolution that fizzles.Recovery from mental illness is possible, but it can be surprisingly more difficult than expected. Many may believe that the new year is an ideal time to recover from mental illness as it can be a time of reflection, goal setting, excitement and new beginnings, but it can also be a time of pressure to change, share what is going to be new and believe things you may not necessarily agree with. We hear, "What is your New Year’s resolution?" hundreds of times during the months of December and January and we may think it is going to motivate us to overcome our mental illness. But a time of year doesn’t determine if recovery from a mental illness is possible, a decision does.

Decision Makes Recovery from Mental Illness Possible

Many decisions make recovery from mental illness possible. The decision that you want something to change and that you don’t want to do it alone affects your mental illness recovery. The decision to take action follows that.

You can decide on January 1st that you are going to seek help for your mental illness or you can decide any other day of the year. You may have more motivation on the 1st of the year and that is absolutely fine. But you don’t need to wait for a certain date in order to change and take action. Making the decision to read this blog post is an incredible first step. Moving forward from this post is going to be crucial as well.

The Recurring Choice to Make Recovery from Mental Illness Possible

Making the decision to recover from mental illness is not a one-time, one-day, one-second choice. Yes, you can draw the line in the sand and decide today is the day you start recovering from mental illness. The key in that sentence is the start.

Your mental illness may be a chemical imbalance, it may be a habit, it may be a complicated combination of a lot of things, and what recovering from that is going to require is making the choice over and over again to recover. New Years Day may be the first day you decide to recover, it may be the push you need, but it is not going to end there.

Deciding Mental Illness Recovery Is Possible Is a Start

New Year's Day can be a great time to begin working on and improving your mental health. You are surrounded by a lot of motivated people who are also improving themselves and setting goals for themselves. Make sure to be consistent and take action beyond solely making a decision.

Decide this change is going to be for the rest of your life, not just for the short-term and not until you believe it may be too difficult. Decide recovering from mental illness is possible and that it's a long-term life choice, not a New Year resolution that may fizzle out with each passing day.

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