Why Convenient Behavior Is Not Always Healthy Behavior

December 10, 2019 Megan Griffith

Recently, I've learned that behavior that is convenient for others is not always healthy behavior for me. I was taught at a young age that my natural reactions to things were "overdramatic" or "wrong" and so I started to hide my real reactions and feelings. I got very good at doing what I was "supposed" to do and being the way I felt I was "supposed" to be. Over time, I became much more concerned with making sure my behavior was convenient for others rather than healthy for me.

My increasingly unhealthy mindset flew under the radar for years because I was acting perfectly "normal" according to everyone else. Because my behavior was convenient for others, no one suspected the shame, depression, and anxiety that were only growing in my psyche.

How to Value Healthy Behavior Over Convenient Behavior

Eventually, I had shoved down my negative feelings for so long that they ran out of places to go and I started to break down. I could no longer value others over myself and continue to survive. So instead, I started unlearning these lessons. There are many ways to approach this process, but for me, the key was challenging my internalized shame. For more information on how I've managed to prioritize health over convenience, check out the video below.

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