Breaking the Cycle of Verbal Abuse

July 15, 2021 Cheryl Wozny

Unfortunately, too often, many individuals will repeat the behaviors that they endured, continuing the damaging cycle for years. For anyone who has fallen victim to verbal abuse and its effects, finding healing and healthy relationships onward can be vital to help break the cycle of verbal abuse. 

If you do not want to carry on the harmful verbal assaults you suffered, you must acknowledge these negative behaviors and choose alternative methods. It can be hard to move forward and build a healthy life if you do not have any past experiences to reference. Thankfully, even individuals who come from tattered families with dysfunctional behaviors can build healthy, successful lives. Breaking the cycle of verbal abuse is possible with the right tools and methods to deal with life's circumstances. 

Recognize What You Can Change to Break the Cycle of Verbal Abuse

You must recognize what elements you can change and those you cannot. Individuals who are making a move forward to heal and break the cycle of verbal abuse may finally realize what they cannot control or change. Unfortunately, victims and others close to the abuser cannot force them to change their damaging actions. Many abusers do not see any wrongdoing with their behaviors and will instead cast blame on the victim. 

Victims of verbal abuse can control their environment and who they have contact with regularly. Recognizing what you can change and control can help give you the power over your situation and move forward in your healing journey. If someone in your life continues to be verbally abusive to you, it may be best to stop contact with them. This move can help you restore your self-worth and build a healthier life. 

Seek Help in Breaking the Cycle of Verbal Abuse

Many adults who have verbally abusive parents do not have the proper skills and experience to draw from while building a healthy relationship and raising children of their own. Find a professional who can provide you with the methods and techniques to handle life situations better, such as raising children and dealing with work stress.

By learning new ways to handle circumstances, you can help break the cycle of verbal abuse and not fall into the same habits that were prevalent in your past. 

You Are Not Alone

Breaking the cycle of verbal abuse can be a difficult journey, but it is a worthwhile one. When you take steps to ensure you do not carry these negative behaviors on, future generations will be healthier and happier. Abuse may not stop with the abuser, but it can stop with you. 

It is not fair if you have been the victim of verbal abuse. No one deserves to be criticized, manipulated, or called names. Everyone is worthy of love and healthy relationships, and even if your past contained verbal abuse, you could still build a life, surrounding yourself with respect and love.

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Author: Cheryl Wozny

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