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The goal of the HealthyPlace Radio Show is to bring mental health out of the darkness into the light. We want to give people reliable mental health information and support and let them know they are not alone in their suffering and that, for many, there is significant help available.

Below are the archived shows.

"The Mind of the Criminal: People Who Kill" - How does someone go from average ordinary citizen to killer? Can anyone become one? Is there any such thing as a true sociopath, someone who feels and shows no remorse for their harmful actions? Jim Eisenberg, PhD, professor at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio and expert defense witness in hundreds of cases, joins us to discuss the frightening potential of the human personality. And our psychiatrist, Dr. Kristeen Spratley talks about explaining the sniper to your kids.

"Narcissism, Narcissistic Personality Disorder" - What is narcissism all about?
What kind of life does the narcissist lead? How does a person become a narcissist in the first place? And what happens to people who fall victim to the narcissist? Dr. Sam Vaknin, author of "Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited" and an admitted narcissist, was our guest. And we had plenty of interesting calls.

"Social Anxiety, Social Phobia" - Many people define "social anxiety, social phobia" as "performance anxiety," being afraid of a public performance, such as public speaking. But the reality is, for social phobics, any interaction can be a performance leading to symptoms that include blushing, profuse sweating, trembling, and other symptoms of anxiety, including difficulty talking and nausea or other stomach discomfort. On this show, we discussed what causes someone to develop social anxiety and what can be done to cope and treat it?

"Treating ADHD Kids During the School Year" - Is your ADHD child having a tough time with school? Is he/she faced with organizational, behavioral, concentration, medication, learning, low self-esteem or other troubling problems? Listen in as parents of ADHD children share their concerns and Dr. Kristeen Spratley offers helpful suggestions. (Detailed info on ADHD in children: signs, symptoms, causes and treatments here.)

"Families of the Mentally Ill: How Mental Illness Impacts Family Members" Guests and callers not only share the difficulties and stress of having a family member with a mental illness, but also how they have learned to cope.

"Agoraphobia" - One of our callers said "No one knows the hell an agoraphobic goes through." There's the fear, the repeated panic attacks, avoiding outings and normal social situations, being rejected by family members and friends who don't understand or can't stand it any longer, and just feeling plain helpless. Our guest, Elizabeth, talks about the impact agoraphobia has had on her and her family and her fear of passing it onto her 8 year old daughter. Dr. Kris Spratley tells us what causes agoraphobia and the anti-anxiety medications and therapeutic techniques available to treat agoraphobia. (read this transcript on help for agoraphobia.)

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"Postpartum Depression" - Are you suffering from the "baby blues?" For many women, the time after their child is born is a time of great despair and helplessness. Our guest suffered from severe postpartum depression. Suzanne told us what it was like and how she overcame it. Other callers shared their experiences with post-partum depression and postpartum psychosis. Dr. Kristeen Spratley outlined the symptoms and had helpful suggestions for overcoming self-defeating thoughts and reduced self-esteem as well as medical and therapy treatment options.

"The Painful Legacy of Divorce" - Are you afraid of meaningful relationships?
Afraid you'll never find lasting romantic love? Do you do things that sabatoge your relationships? Many adult children of divorced parents are experiencing emotional complications, even decades after the breakup. Our guest, Jen, 30, going through her second divorce, shares her story and Dr. Kristeen Spratley answers the questions: How do you deal with intimacy and abandonment issues? And where and how do we learn what normal is?

"Borderline Personality Disorder" - Many therapists don't even want to bother with BPD patients, seeing them as "difficult" and "manipulative." But many borderline patients are in enormous psychic pain, suffering from deep depression, suicidal tendencies eating disorders and self-harm behaviors. Callers share their experiences of living with Borderline Personality Disorder and being in relationships with BPD patients. Dr. Kristeen Spratley talks about treating Borderline Personality Disorder.

"Children Whose Parents Don't Like Them" - As a child, no matter what age, how do you handle the fact that your parent(s) doesn't like you? What does that do to your own self-image and can you ever get past that? Adult children call into Dr. Kristeen Spratley and talk about the impact it's had on their lives.

"Having a Hard Time Trusting Your Spouse?" - Discussion of trust issues in relationships. How do people deal with broken trust and what causes us to distrust others who may not have done anything wrong?

"Out of Control Anger" - Do you have anger that is all-consuming? Do you harbor
deep feelings of anger or resentment? Does your anger control you and your relationships? Psychotherapist and author of Controlling The Volcano Within, George Rhoades, Ph.D., discusses why people become so angry and how to control your anger (anger management techniques).

"The Dangerous Consequences of Eating Disorders" - It's a slippery slope of how eating disorders start innocently enough and how quickly extreme weight loss and exercise behaviors can become obsessions that spiral out of control. Guests and callers discuss how they developed anorexia and bulimia and the devastating impact these eating disorders have had on their lives.

"Understanding Sexual Addiction" - For sexual and love addicts, sex is shameful, secret. Their sexual behavior is sometimes abusive to themselves and others. How does sexual addiction begin and how do you get help? Our guest, Rod, talks about how he almost lost his job because of sexual addiction and another caller, Jane, says cybersex and phone sex are controlling her life. Jane vacillates between having an eating disorder and sexual addiction. She tries to recover from one and the other rears its ugly head. Psychiatrist and co-host, Dr. Kristeen Spratley, provides insights and answers on dealing with this compulsive disorder.

"Inside the Life of a Schizophrenic" - What it's like living with a brain disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinations, and other disturbances in thinking and communication... and the increasing social isolation that goes along with it. Sufferers and family members share their perspectives on Schizophrenia.

"Pathological Liars" - Are you a pathological liar? Maybe you're wondering how you got to be that way? How can you stop the compulsive lying? Or are you one of the unfortunate people who's been involved with, or scammed by, a pathological liar? How did he/she pick you to be the victim? Dr. Kristeen Spratley provides some answers and our listeners share their stories of being victimized by pathological liars and the impact its had on their lives. Also, how to detect the lies and get out before it's too late?

"Body Dysmorphic Disorder" - Britney would spend hours every night obsessing over her face, wondering what she could do to change it and make it "acceptable". "I'd become suicidal over my appearance, feeling that I was so disgusting, hideously ugly, that I didn't deserve to live. I thought that those around me shouldn't have to suffer by being with me." She shares her life with BDD and our psychiatrist, Dr. Kristeen Spratley, discusses what the treatment for Body Dsymorphic Disorder entails.

"Pre-Teen Girls Who Dress Provocatively" - 8-12 year old girls put makeup on themselves so they look five years older. Some parents think it's cute to dress their pre-teen daughters in thong undies and tight tops. What happens when a pre-teen becomes a sex object? Parents and callers share their experiences and Dr. Kristeen Spratley says it's time for parents to take control. You can post your experiences/feelings on this subject on our bulletin board and read what others have to say.

"NEGATIVE THINKING: How to Avoid and Overcome It" - Are you plagued by negative thoughts about yourself and your future? If negative thinking is trapping you in a world where everything seems dreary and hopeless, you need to listen to this show.

"Dealing with Traumatic Events in Your Life" - A job loss, a relationship breakup, a friend's suicide, having your house burn down. These "everyday" events can just rock your foundation; making you depressed, anxious, even suicidal. Guests and callers share their personal traumatic experiences and how they've been impacted. Psychiatrist co-host, Dr. Kristeen Spratley shares specific coping mechanisms to get you through these difficult circumstances in your life.

"Psychiatric Medications" - How can someone that doesn't want to take psychiatric medications become aware that it is good for them to take them? What about quitting meds on your own? Is psychotherapy just as good as antidepressants for the treatment of depression? Psychiatrist co-host, Dr. Kristeen Spratley answered those questions as well as listener questions about specific medications.

"Being in a Relationship with Someone Who Is Mentally Ill" - What if you found out the woman or man you were dating was mentally ill; had bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, or self-injured. Would you keep the relationship going or would you drop him/her like a hot potato?   Listeners voice their opinions and talk about what life is like inside this type of relationship.   Our psychiatrist discusses the decisions that need to be made when committing to a relationship with someone who has a psychological disorder.

"Jealousy" - Are you a jealous person? Are you in a relationship with an insanely jealous person? Our guest says "jealousy disrupts my relationships, it disrupts my thoughts, my actions, my life. I read self help books that make a lot of sense...for about 4 hours after I read them. Then I am back to the insanely jealous and insecure person I was before." What in the world would cause someone to feel like this and what can be done about it?

"Controlling People" - Are you a controlling person? Discover the signs and how to break the pattern of this destructive type of behavior. Are you under the power of a controlling person? Find out what it takes to free yourself from controlling types; the kinds of people who inflict verbal abuse, battering, stalking, harassment, hate crimes, gang violence, tyranny, terrorism, and territorial invasion.

"The Life of One Gay Teen" - 16-year old Braden's life turned to hell when he got to high school. Schoolmates called him "fag" and ridiculed him for being gay. The verbal taunts weren't enough for some. Last year, the day before Valentine's Day, a couple of bullies beat him in the school hallway so bad, he almost passed out. Depressed, he wanted to kill himself. His story, listener calls, and psychiatrist co-host, Dr. Kristeen Spratley's thoughts on how to deal with the problems that many gay teens face are all in this show.

"Dysfunctional Families" - What is a dysfunctional family? What goes wrong in
dysfunctional families and how do you recognize and overcome the effects of living in one? Our guests and callers share what it's like growing up in families with alcoholic parents and emotionally abusive parents and the impact that had as a child and later as an adult. And psychiatrist, Kristeen Spratley has concrete suggestions you can starting using right away on where to get help and how to overcome the effects of living in a dysfunctional family.

"Teens with Mental Health Problems: How It Affects Their Everyday Lives" - Many of us know the physical problems that come along with eating disorders, depression self-injury and other mental illnesses. But what about day-to-day life? One guest, Heather, says "my mental health problems produce a great deal of stress throughout all my areas in my life. I have lost most of my friends from pushing them away and isolating myself."

"Why Do Lovers Cheat?" - Some have emotional problems and need a boost of self-esteem. Others have a tired relationship. There are many reasons why people have affairs. Our guests and callers share their stories of having an affair and being cheated on and how it impacted them and their families. And one caller wanted to know if you have an affair, can it ever turn into a permanent relationship?

"Addicted to Gambling" - What would drive someone to gamble away every last dime...and more? They risk their jobs, families, self-respect and still the gambling addict keeps going. How do you stop? How do you deal with a gambling addict in your family?

"How Serious is ADHD in Children?" - Defiant kids, uncooperative school systems, family breakups and having to rely on public assistance to get help for their children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Our guests have been through it all. They not only share their stories but pass along what they've learned from their experiences. Psychiatrist, Gary Wilson, discusses ADHD medications and how to help your ADHD children improve their concentration.

"Men and Depression" - For years, depression was seen as a woman's issue. In fact, men aren't less likely than women to become depressed; they're just less likely to recognize and seek help for depression, and they have different ways of dealing with it? Darryl and other callers talk about their personal experiences with depression, why men have trouble recognizing and admitting they have depression, and the impact it has on their families. Pyschiatrist Gary Wilson joins us to discuss "acceptance," along with symptoms and treatments for depression.

"The Psychology of Getting Better" - Our guest, Susan, was sexually abused over 30 years ago. She's been diagnosed with major depression, PTSD, OCD and panic disorder and was hospitalized at least twice. Susan's spent the last 10 years in therapy trying to deal with what happened. Over that period of time, she's changed meds, changed doctors, tried to journal, tried meditation, tried keeping busy. At 45, she still can't deal with the sadness. She, like many who suffer from various psychological disorders, wants to know -- what's it take to get better?

"The Grip of OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)" - About a year ago, April's mother told her: "You treat me like I have the plague." April's mother wasn't far off. The 23 year old has huge contamination issues and worries about anyone even touching her. How has OCD impacted her life? What can help her? And why is OCD one of the most stubborn psychiatric disorders to treat? (More on OCD treatment here.)

"Bipolar Disorder, ECT, and ElectroBoy" - Our guest, Andy Behrman wrote the book ELECTROBOY: A Memoir of Mania. Andy discusses life as a manic-depressive, the trouble it got him into, the impact of his treatment - including 19 sessions of ECT (electroshock therapy) and how he feels about being bipolar and the stigma of having a mental illness.

"Therapy Abuse" - Therapy abuse is a particularly devastating crime. It's the therapist's misuse of his/her power over a trusting client. Our guest and callers talked about how their therapists did everything from sexually abuse them to implant false memories to losing their temper and screaming uncontrollably at them. Dr. Kumar discussed how to recognize therapy abuse, what to do with a therapist who abuses their position and the difficulty in recovering from this type of abuse.

"Phobias" - About 5-7% of the population suffers from phobias; irrational fears. Our guest and callers talk about their phobias, ranging from extreme fear of rats to fear of open and closed spaces. Our guest host, Dr. Gary Wilson, discusses why people develop phobias and how to treat them.

"Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism" - One day, in an alcoholic fog, our guest, Susan, had a clear vision. "My life is never going to be different. I am going to die living this sad, miserable, lonely, unhappy life; isolating from people and drinking. No! Susan isn't a street bum. She came from a nice home, good parents, promising future in college, etc. So how did she become a black out drinker, full of self-hate and destroying every good thing that came her way? Hear her story. Find out how she quit. Callers share their experiences with fetal alcohol syndrome and family members who drink. And Dr. Kumar talks about getting sober.

"Alternative Sexual Practices: Is There Something Wrong With Me If I Enjoy Them?" - Pornography, domination, bondage, fetishes, leather sex, sadomasochism.
They're all out there in the world of alternative sexual practices. Our guest, Opal, discusses how she got into bondage and the master/slave relationship she has with her husband. Dr. Kumar explains whether there's something psychologically wrong with someone who engages in these types of activities and our callers discuss their fetishes and how others reacted when they told them about them.

"Inside the Life of A Self-Injurer" - Our guest, Misty, is 47 years old. Battered by incest and rape, suffering from low-self esteem, and feeling like an outcast in her own family, Misty turned to self-injury. "I tried very hard to settle for bits & pieces, like scraps fed to a family dog. That brought my self-esteem down so low, I started cutting myself like a filet of fish!" Hear her story, listener calls, and Dr. Sudha Kumar's comments on why people self-injure, how to share the news with others, and how to stop.

"Abused and Reabused! Why?" - Research shows that once a person has been sexually abused, the damage that has been caused leaves them open to further episodes of abuse. Abused at a very young age, our guest says "sometimes I feel like I'm wearing a flashing neon sign on my head that says "victim"! Dawn shares her story and Dr. Kumar has some ideas on how to bring the revictimization process to a halt.

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