How to Change Your Beliefs with Affirmations

December 10, 2020 Kelli Anderson

I've found that sometimes I need to trick my mind into changing my beliefs. While there are endless ways to do this, one, in particular, has worked well for me. Incorporating affirmations into my daily life has helped change my beliefs more habitually. And when you alter your beliefs, especially when it comes to what you think about yourself, life gets a whole lot better.

What Are Affirmations?

In the simplest of terms, affirmations are just statements. We use affirmations all day long. Unfortunately, most of them are negative. "I don't feel well," "I'm just not any good at this," and "I feel so frustrated" are all examples of negative affirmations. 

Most of us have thought or said aloud statements like this for most of our adult life. They are ingrained in our minds (and beliefs). But there are simple ways to change what you tell yourself. Focusing on bringing positive affirmations into your life, using one simple technique, makes a big difference.

How to Change Your Beliefs by Making Positive Affirmations Part of Your Life

As I mentioned earlier, affirmations become habits. If you say something over and over, it's likely to stick. Think about when you repeat a behavior several times. You get better at it, right? The same thing goes for affirmations, whether they are positive or negative.

To make your affirmations or statements more positive, try setting alarms on your phone. In the description box, add a positive affirmation about yourself. "I do amazing work for my company," "I love being me," and "I am smart" are three examples you can use. Or, if there's an area you want to improve in, use an affirmation to help you.

Let's say you aren't great with numbers but want to improve your finances. Your belief is probably that you're not good with math. Instead of continuing to focus on your weakness, flip the statement around and say, "I'm improving my finances every day." This allows you to take a negative statement and turn it into a positive affirmation.

Watch as your beliefs begin to change. Remember, incorporating more positive affirmations into your life doesn't have to be hard. Every time my alarm goes off on my phone, and I see a positive affirmation pop up, I smile. It truly changes the way my day goes, and my overall outlook on life. Try it for yourself.

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